Instruction Rooms in Olin Library

Usage Policies for Olin Library Instruction Rooms 1, 2, and 3

  • Instruction Rooms are reservable only by library staff for library programmatic and sponsored activities, and by The Writing Center as an Olin Library building partner.
  • Reservable hours are Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 7:00 pm. Tech support and laptops are not available before 8:30 or after 5.
  • Examples of library programmatic and sponsored activities include:
    1. Washington University course-related library instruction sessions taught by or with a librarian or library staff member, such as Research and Liaison Services, Data Services, and Library Technology Services staff and student employees.
    2. Library and technology-based classes, workshops, and seminars.
    3. Library staff instruction, training, and development programs or workshops.
    4. Other college and university course-related instruction sessions focused on library resources and coordinated through the WU Libraries instructional programming.
    5. Library committee and group meetings that cannot be accommodated in library Meeting Rooms.
  • Instruction rooms are not intended to accommodate university faculty, staff, and student uses that have no course-related or programmatic involvement of librarians or library staff. For example:
    1. Faculty requesting classrooms to teach their courses (with no request for library instruction services).
    2. Schools and academic departments requesting rooms for meetings and events that have no library connection or sponsorship.
    3. Student groups requesting space for meetings, study sessions, and other activities.
  • All rooms will be kept locked at all times. Instruction Rooms 1 and 2 are accessible to Libraries staff only, via WU ID card swipe. Instruction Room 3 is accessible to anyone with a valid WU ID and is available for drop-in use and studying when not reserved. The Libraries reserve the right to ask anyone using the room to leave when the room is scheduled for a program.

Room Features

  • Instruction Room 1
    • Furniture/capacity: 16 tables and chairs, reconfigurable by user. User/requester is responsible for setting up and re-setting furniture.
    • A/V: Podium with PC, 2 wall-mounted screens for projection, sound system, laptops stored in secure cart that can be used as needed, multi-region/region-free Blu-Ray player
  • Instruction Room 2 – Divisible into 2a (south half) and 2b (north half)
    • Furniture/capacity:
        • When not divided, 26 seats (fixed tables, mobile chairs)
        • 2a: 14 seats
        • 2b: 12 seats
    • A/V (per side): Podium with PC, projector and roll-down screen, sound system, fixed computers on tables, multi-region/region-free Blu-Ray player
  • Instruction Room 3
    • Furniture/capacity: 38 seats, all mobile, including 8 tables and two styles of chair, reconfigurable by user. User/requester is responsible for setting up and re-setting furniture.
    • A/V: Podium with PC, wall-mounted screen for projection, sound system, multi-region/region-free Blu-Ray player

Instruction Room Support

To find out more information about Library Instruction Rooms, please contact Amanda Albert, Information Literacy Coordinator at or 314-935-6396.

Room support can be requested through the reservation system at the time of booking, or by emailing

To leave feedback about the instruction spaces, please use this form: