Recently Published Papers in Physics

Title: Forging the link between nuclear reactions and nuclear structure
Author(s): Dickhoff, W.H.
Source: EPJ Web of Conferences Volume: 122 Pages: 09003 (15 pp.)Published: 2016
Meeting Information: 5th International Workshop on Compound-Nuclear Reactions and Related Topics, Tokyo, Japan, 19-23 Oct. 2015
Title: The first GCT camera for the Cherenkov telescope array [arXiv]
Author(s): De Franco, A.; White, R.; Allan, D.; Armstrong, T.; Ashton, T.; Balzer, A.; Berge, D.; Bose, R.; Brown, A.M.; Buckley, J.; Chadwick, P.M.; Cooke, P.; Cotter, G.; Daniel, M.K.; Funk, S.; Greenshaw, T.; Hinton, J.; Kraus, M.; Lapington, J.; Molyneux, P.; Moore, P.; Nolan, S.; Okumura, A.; Ross, D.; Rulten, C.; Schmoll, J.; Schoorlemmer, H.; Stephan, M.; Sutcliffe, P.; Tajima, H.; Thornhill, J.; Tibaldo, L.; Varner, G.; Watson, J.; Zink, A.
Source: arXiv Pages: 8 pp. Published: 4 Sept. 2015
Title: Construction of a Medium-Sized Schwarzschild-Couder Telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array: Implementation of the Cherenkov-Camera Data Acquisition System [arXiv]
Author(s): Santander, M.; Buckley, J.; Humensky, B.; Mukherjee, R.
Source: arXiv Pages: 7 pp. Published: 2 Sept. 2015
Title: Ferroelectricity and Phase Transitions in Monolayer Group-IV Monochalcogenides
Author(s): Ruixiang Fei; Wei Kang; Li Yang
Source: Physical Review Letters Volume: 117 Issue: 9 Pages: 097601 (6 pp.)Published: 26 Aug. 2016
Title: An interacting replica approach applied to the traveling salesman problem
Author(s): Bo Sun; Leonard, B.; Ronhovde, P.; Nussinov, Z.
Source: 2016 SAI Computing Conference (SAI) Pages: 319-29 Published:2016
Meeting Information: 2016 SAI Computing Conference (SAI), London, UK, 13-15 July 2016
Title: Occurrence of a Mott-like Gap in Single-Particle Spectra of Electron Systems Possessing Flat Bands
Author(s): Khodel, VA
Source: JETP LETTERS, 103 (11):702-707; JUN 2016
Title: Pairing in high-density neutron matter including short- and long-range correlations
Author(s): Ding, D.; Rios, A.; Dussan, H.; Dickhoff, W. H.; Witte, S. J.; Carbone, A.; Polls, A.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 94 (2), 025802 AUG 11 2016

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