Recently Published Papers in Physics

Title: Robust Ferroelectricity in Monolayer Group-IV Monochalcogenides [arXiv]
Author(s): Ruixiang Fei; Wei Kang; Li Yang
Source: arXiv Pages: 5 pp. Published: 3 April 2016
Title: Dual gauge field theory of quantum liquid crystals in two dimensions [arXiv]
Author(s): Beekman, A.J.; Nissinen, J.; Kai Wu; Ke Liu; Slager, R.-J.; Nussinov, Z.; Cvetkovic, V.; Zaanen, J.
Source: arXiv Pages: 101 pp. Published: 14 March 2016
Title: Probing Local Structure in Glass by the Application of Shear [arXiv]
Author(s): Weingartner, N.B.; Nussinov, Z.
Source: arXiv Pages: 9 pp. Published: 12 Feb. 2016
Title: Duality of topological superconductors begets Josephson currents induced by the Witten effect [arXiv]
Author(s): Nogueira, F.S.; Van Den Brink, J.; Nussinov, Z.
Source: arXiv Pages: 7 pp. Published: 13 Jan. 2016
Title: Characteristics of four upward-pointing cosmic-ray-like events observed with ANITA
Author(s): Gorham, P.W.; Nam, J.; Romero-Wolf, A.; Hoover, S.; Allison, P.; Banerjee, O.; Beatty, J.J.; Belov, K.; Besson, D.Z.; Binns, W.R.; Bugaev, V.; Cao, P.; Chen, C.; Chen, P.; Clem, J.M.; Connolly, A.; Dailey, B.; Deaconu, C.; Cremonesi, L.; Dowkontt, P.F.; DuVernois, M.A.; Field, R.C.; Fox, B.D.; Goldstein, D.; Gordon, J.; Hast, C.; Hebert, C.L.; Hill, B.; Hughes, K.; Hupe, R.; Israel, M.H.; Javaid, A.; Kowalski, J.; Lam, J.; Le! arned, J.G.; Liewer, K.M.; Liu, T.C.; Link, J.T.; Lusczek, E.; Matsuno, S.; Mercurio, B.C.; Miki, C.; Miocinovic, P.; Mottram, M.; Mulrey, K.; Naudet, C.J.; Ng, J.; Nichol, R.J.; Palladino, K.; Rauch, B.F.; Reil, K.; Roberts, J.; Rosen, M.; Rotter, B.; Russell, J.; Ruckman, L.; Saltzberg, D.; Seckel, D.; Schoorlemmer, H.; Stafford, S.; Stockham, J.; Stockham, M.; Strutt, B.; Tatem, K.; Varner, G.S.; Vieregg, A.G.; Walz, D.; Wissel, S.A.; Wu, F.
Source: Physical Review Letters Volume: 117 Issue: 7 Pages: 071101 (5 pp.) Published: 12 Aug. 2016
Title: Studies of the origin of high-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations of mass-accreting black holes in X-ray binaries with next-generation X-ray telescopes
Author(s): Beheshtipour, B.; Hoormann, J.K.; Krawczynski, H.
Source: Astrophysical Journal Volume: 826 Issue: 2 Pages: 203 (14 pp.) Published: 1 Aug. 2016
Title: How soft gamma repeaters might make fast radio bursts
Author(s): Katz, J.I.
Source: Astrophysical Journal Volume: 826 Issue: 2 Pages: 226 (10 pp.) Published: 1 Aug. 2016
Title: Strain-controlled fundamental gap and structure of bulk black phosphorus [arXiv]
Author(s): Jie Guan; Wenshen Song; Li Yang; Tomanek, D.
Source: arXiv Pages: 5 pp. Published: 24 June 2016
Title: 12C/ 13C-ratio determination in nanodiamonds by atom-probe tomography
Author(s): Lewis, J.B.; Isheim, D.; Floss, C.; Seidman, D.N.
Source: Ultramicroscopy Volume: 159 Pages: 248-54 Published: Dec. 2015
Title: Spectral intensities of antiprotons and the nested leaky-box model for cosmic rays in the galaxy
Author(s): Cowsik, R.; Madziwa-Nussinov, T.
Source: Astrophysical Journal Volume: 827 Issue: 2 Pages: 119 (9 pp.)Published: 20 Aug. 2016
Title: Comment on “On the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian description of the damped linear harmonic oscillator” [J. Math. Phys. 48, 032701 (2007)]
Author(s): Bender, C.M.; Gianfreda, M.; Hassanpour, N.; Jones, H.F.
Source: Journal of Mathematical Physics Volume: 57 Issue: 8 Pages:084101 (9 pp.) Published: Aug. 2016
Title: Pairing in high-density neutron matter including short- and long-range correlations
Author(s): Ding, D.; Rios, A.; Dussan, H.; Dickhoff, W.H.; Witte, S.J.; Carbone, A.; Polls, A.
Source: Physical Review C Volume: 94 Issue: 2 Pages: 025802 (17 pp.)Published: Aug. 2016
Title: Remarkable anisotropic phonon response in uniaxially strained few-layer black phosphorus
Author(s): Yanlong Wang; Chunxiao Cong; Ruixiang Fei; Weihuang Yang; Yu Chen; Bingchen Cao; Li Yang; Ting Yu
Source: Nano Research Volume: 8 Issue: 12 Pages: 3944-53 Published: Dec. 2015
Title: Interaction-induced merging of Landau levels in an electron system of double quantum wells [arXiv]
Author(s): Shashkin, A.A.; Dolgopolov, V.T.; Clark, J.W.; Shaginyan, V.R.; Zverev, M.V.; Khodel, V.A.
Source: arXiv Pages: 5 pp. Published: 2 Sept. 2015

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