Recently Published Papers in Physics

Title: White paper on nuclear astrophysics and low-energy nuclear physics, Part 2: low-energy nuclear physics
: Carlson, J.; Carpenter, M.P.; Casten, R.; Elster, C.; Fallon, P.; Gade, A.; Gross, C.; Hagen, G.; Hayes, A.C.; Higinbotham, D.W.; Howell, C.R.; Horowitz, C.J.; Jones, K.L.; Kondev, F.G.; Lapi, S.; Macchiavelli, A.; McCutchen, E.A.; Natowitz, J.; Nazarewicz, W.; Papenbrock, T.; Reddy, S.; Riley, M.A.; Savage, M.J.; Savard, G.; Sherrill, B.M.; Sobotka, L.G.; Stoyer, M.A.; Betty Tsang, M.; Vetter, K.; Wiedenhoever, I.; Wuosmaa, A.H.; Yennello, S.
Source: Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics Volume: 94 Pages: 68-124 Published: May 2017

Title: Yash Pal (1926-2017)
Authors: Cowsik, R.
Source: CURRENT SCIENCE, 113 (4):804-807; AUG 25 2017

Title: Criticality predicts maximum irregularity in recurrent networks of excitatory nodes
Authors: Karimipanah, Yahya; Ma, Zhengyu; Wessel, Ralf
Source: PLOS ONE, 12 (8):10.1371/journal.pone.0182501 AUG 17 2017

Title: Pre-polarization fields for earth’s field NMR: Fast discharge for use with short T-1 and large coils
Authors: Conradi, Mark S.; Altobelli, Stephen A.; Sowko, Nicholas J.; Conradi, Susan H.; Fukushima, Eiichi
Source: JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE, 281 241-245; 10.1016/j.jmr.2017.06.001 AUG 2017

Title: A combined experimental setup for OP and ODNMR
Authors: Sesti, Erika L.; Willmering, Matthew M.; Ma, Zayd L.; Wheeler, Dustin D.; Conradi, Mark S.; Hayes, Sophia E.
Source: JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE, 281 172-187; 10.1016/j.jmr.2017.06.003 AUG 2017

Title: Thin high-order shims for small dipole NMR magnets
Authors: McDowell, Andrew; Conradi, Mark
Source: JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE, 281 7-16; 10.1016/j.jmr.2017.04.013 AUG 2017

Title: Vacuum topology and the electroweak phase transition
Authors: Zhang, Yiyang; Ferrer, Francesc; Vachaspati, Tanmay
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 96 (4):10.1103/PhysRevD.96.043014 AUG 30 2017

Title: Naturalness in testable type II seesaw scenarios
Authors: Dev, P. S. Bhupal; Vila, Clara Miralles; Rodejohann, Werner
Source: NUCLEAR PHYSICS B, 921 436-453; 10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2017.06.007 AUG 2017

Title: Adaptation modulates correlated subthreshold response variability in visual cortex
Authors: Wright, Nathaniel C.; Hoseini, Mahmood S.; Wessel, Ralf
Source: JOURNAL OF NEUROPHYSIOLOGY, 118 (2):1257-1269; 10.1152/jn.00124.2017 AUG 2017

Authors: Dev, P. S. Bhupal; Mohapatra, Rabindra N.; Zhang, Yongchao
Source: ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA B, 48 (6):969-980; 10.5506/APhysPolB.48.969 JUN 2017

Title: Pressure-tuning of bond-directional exchange interactions and magnetic frustration in hyperhoneycomb iridate β-Li2IrO3 [arXiv]
Author(s): Veiga, L.S.I.; Etter, M.; Glazyrin, K.; Sun, F.; Fabbris, G.; Mardegan, J.R.L.; Malavi, P.S.; Deng, Y.; Stavropoulos, P.P.; Kee, H.-Y.; Yang, W.G.; van Veenendaal, M.; Schilling, J.S.; Takayama, T.; Takagi, H.; Haskel, D.
Source: arXiv Pages: 6 pp. Published: 19 May 2017

Title: Homodyne monitoring of post-selected decay [arXiv]
Author(s): Tan, D.; Foroozani, N.; Naghiloo, M.; Kiilerich, A.H.; Moslashlmer, K.; Murch, K.W.
Source: arXiv Pages: 11 pp. Published: 11 May 2017

Title: A flow-through, elevated-temperature and -pressure NMR apparatus for in-situ CO2 sequestration studies
Author(s): Sesti, E.L.; Jinlei Cui; Hayes, S.E.; Conradi, M.S.
Source: Journal of Magnetic Resonance Volume: 282 Pages: 136-41 Published: Sept. 2017

Title: Energy calibration of CALET onboard the International Space Station
Author(s): Asaoka, Y.; Akaike, Y.; Komiya, Y.; Miyata, R.; Torii, S.; Adriani, O.; Asano, K.; Bagliesi, M.G.; Bigongiari, G.; Binns, W.R.; Bonechi, S.; Bongi, M.; Brogi, P.; Buckley, J.H.; Cannady, N.; Castellini, G.; Checchia, C.; Cherry, M.L.; Collazuol, G.; Di Felice, V.; Ebisawa, K.; Fuke, H.; Guzik, T.G.; Hams, T.; Hareyama, M.; Hasebe, N.; Hibino, K.; Ichimura, M.; Ioka, K.; Ishizaki, W.; Israel, M.H.; Javaid, A.; Kasahara, K.; Kataoka, J.; Kataoka, R.; Katayose, Y.; Kato, C.; Kawanaka, N.; Kawakubo, Y.; Kitamura, H.; Krawczynski, H.S.; Krizmanic, J.F.; Kuramata, S.; Lomtadze, T.; Maestro, P.; Marrocchesi, P.S.; Messineo, A.M.; Mitchell, J.W.; Miyake, S.; Mizutani, K.; Moiseev, A.A.; Mori, K.; Mori, M.; Mori, N.; Motz, H.M.; Munakata, K.; Murakami, H.; Nakagawa, Y.E.; Nakahira, S.; Nishimura, J.; Okuno, S.; Ormes, J.F.; Ozawa, S.; Pacini, L.; Palma, F.; Papini, P.; Penacchioni, A.V.; Rauch, B.F.; Ricciarini, S.; Sakai, K.; Sakamoto, T.; Sasaki, M.; Sh imizu, Y.; Shiomi, A.; Sparvoli, R.; Spillantini, P.; Stolzi, F.; Takahashi, I.; Takayanagi, M.; Takita, M.; Tamura, T.; Tateyama, N.; Terasawa, T.; Tomida, H.; Tsunesada, Y.; Uchihori, Y.; Ueno, S.; Vannuccini, E.; Wefel, J.P.; Yamaoka, K.; Yanagita, S.; Yoshida, A.; Yoshida, K.; Yuda, T.
Source: Astroparticle Physics Volume: 91 Pages: 1-10 Published: May 2017

Title: Gamma-ray observations under bright moonlight with VERITAS
Author(s): Archambault, S.; Archer, A.; Benbow, W.; Bird, R.; Bourbeau, E.; Bouvier, A.; Buchovecky, M.; Bugaev, V.; Cardenzana, J.V.; Cerruti, M.; Ciupik, L.; Connolly, M.P.; Cui, W.; Daniel, M.K.; Errando, M.; Falcone, A.; Feng, Q.; Finley, J.P.; Fleischhack, H.; Fortson, L.; Furniss, A.; Gillanders, G.H.; Griffin, S.; Hanna, D.; Hervet, O.; Holder, J.; Hughes, G.; Humensky, T.B.; Hutten, M.; Johnson, C.A.; Kaaret, P.; Kar, P.; Kertzman, M.; Kieda, D.; Krause, M.; Lang, M.J.; Lin, T.T.Y.; Maier, G.; McArthur, S.; Moriarty, P.; Mukherjee, R.; Nieto, D.; O’Brien, S.; Ong, R.A.; Otte, A.N.; Park, N.; Pohl, M.; Popkow, A.; Pueschel, E.; Quinn, J.; Ragan, K.; Reynolds, P.T.; Richards, G.T.; Roache, E.; Rulten, C.; Sadeh, I.; Sembroski, G.H.; Shahinyan, K.; Staszak, D.; Telezhinsky, I.; Trepanier, S.; Wakely, S.P.; Weinstein, A.; Wilcox, P.; Williams, D.A.; Zitzer, B.
Source: Astroparticle Physics Volume: 91 Pages: 34-43 Published: May 2017

Title: Role of a fermion condensate in the structure of high-temperature pairing in cuprates
Author(s): Khodel, V.A.; Clark, J.W.; Zverev, M.V.
Source: JETP Letters Volume: 105 Issue: 4 Pages: 267-72 Published: Feb. 2017

Title: Efficient electrical control of thin-film black phosphorus bandgap
Author(s): Bingchen Deng; Vy Tran; Yujun Xie; Hao Jiang; Cheng Li; Qiushi Guo; Xiaomu Wang; He Tian; Koester, S.J.; Han Wang; Cha, J.J.; Qiangfei Xia; Li Yang; Fengnian Xia
Source: Nature Communications Volume: 8 Pages: 14474 (7 pp.) Published: 2017

Title: Can dips of Boyajian’s star be explained by circumsolar rings?
Authors: Katz, J. I.
Source: MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 471 (3):3680-3685; 10.1093/mnras/stx1876 NOV 2017

Title: Very-High-Energy γ-Ray Observations of the Blazar 1ES 2344+514 with VERITAS
Authors: Allen, C.; Archambault, S.; Archer, A.; Benbow, W.; Bird, R.; Bourbeau, E.; Brose, R.; Buchovecky, M.; Buckley, J. H.; Bugaev, V.; Cardenzana, J. V.; Cerruti, M.; Chen, X.; Christiansen, J. L.; Connolly, M. P.; Cui, W.; Daniel, M. K.; Eisch, J. D.; Falcone, A.; Feng, Q.; Fernandez-Alonso, M.; Finley, J. P.; Fleischhack, H.; Flinders, A.; Fortson, L.; Furniss, A.; Gillanders, G. H.; Griffin, S.; Grube, J.; Huetten, M.; Hakansson, N.; Hanna, D.; Hervet, O.; Holder, J.; Hughes, G.; Humensky, T. B.; Johnson, C. A.; Kaaret, P.; Kar, P.; Kelley-Hoskins, N.; Kertzman, M.; Kieda, D.; Krause, M.; Krennrich, F.; Kumar, S.; Lang, M. J.; Maier, G.; McArthur, S.; McCann, A.; Meagher, K.; Moriarty, P.; Mukherjee, R.; Nguyen, T.; Nieto, D.; O’Brien, S.; de Bhroithe, A. O’Faolain; Ong, R. A.; Otte, A. N.; Park, N.; Petrashyk, A.; Pichel, A.; Pohl, M.; Popkow, A.; Pueschel, E.; Quinn, J.; Ragan, K.; Reynolds, P. T.; Richards, G. T.; Roache, E.; Rovero, A. C.; Rulten, C.; Sadeh, I.; Santander, M.; Sembroski, G. H.; Shahinyan, K.; Telezhinsky, I.; Tucci, J. V.; Tyler, J.; Wakely, S. P.; Weinstein, A.; Wilhelm, A.; Williams, D. A.
Source: MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 471 (2):2117-2123; 10.1093/mnras/stx1756 OCT 2017

Title: The future of Stardust science
Authors: Westphal, A. J.; Bridges, J. C.; Brownlee, D. E.; Butterworth, A. L.; De Gregorio, B. T.; Dominguez, G.; Flynn, G. J.; Gainsforth, Z.; Ishii, H. A.; Joswiak, D.; Nittler, L. R.; Ogliore, R. C.; Palma, R.; Pepin, R. O.; Stephan, T.; Zolensky, M. E.
Source: METEORITICS & PLANETARY SCIENCE, 52 (9):1859-1898; 10.1111/maps.12893 SEP 2017

Title: Fast radio bursts as pulsar lightning
Authors: Katz, J. I.
Source: MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 469 (1):L39-L42; 10.1093/mnrasl/slx052 JUL 2017

Title: Are fast radio bursts markers of dark core collapse?
Authors: Katz, J. I.
Source: MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 469 (1):L104-L107; 10.1093/mnrasl/slx059 JUL 2017

Title: Naturalness, vacuum stability, and leptogenesis in the minimal seesaw model
Authors: Bambhaniya, Gulab; Dev, P. S. Bhupal; Goswami, Srubabati; Khan, Subrata; Rodejohann, Werner
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 95 (9):10.1103/PhysRevD.95.095016 MAY 19 2017

Title: Microscopic study of 1S0 superfluidity in dilute neutron matter
Author(s): Pavlou, G.E.; Mavrommatis, E.; Moustakidis, C.; Clark, J.W.
Source: European Physical Journal A – Hadrons and Nuclei Volume: 53 Issue: 5 Pages: 96 (9 pp.) Published: May 2017

Title: A one parameter fit for glassy dynamics as a quantum corollary of the liquid to solid transition
Author(s): Nussinov, Z.
Source: Philosophical Magazine Volume: 97 Issue: 18 Pages: 1509-66 Published: 2017

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