Recently Published Papers in Physics

The following papers were recently indexed by INSPEC and published by members of the Physics Department:

  • Title: Constraining and applying a generic high-density equation of state
    Author(s): Alford, M.G.; Burgio, G.F.; Han, S.; Taranto, G.; Zappala, D.
    Source: Physical Review D (Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology) Volume: 92 Issue: 8 Pages: 083002 (14 pp.) Published: 15 Oct. 2015
  • Title: B→πll form factors for new physics searches from lattice QCD
    Author(s): Bailey, J.A.; Bazavov, A.; Bernard, C.; Bouchard, C.M.; DeTar, C.; Daping Du; El-Khadra, A.X.; Freeland, E.D.; Gamiz, E.; Gottlieb, S.; Heller, U.M.; Kronfeld, A.S.; Laiho, J.; Levkova, L.; Yuzhi Liu; Lunghi, E.; Mackenzie, P.B.; Meurice, Y.; Neil, E.; Si-Wei Qiu; Simone, J.N.; Sugar, R.; Toussaint, D.; Van de Water, R.S.; Ran Zhou
    Source: Physical Review Letters Volume: 115 Issue: 15 Pages: 152002 (7 pp.) Published: 9 Oct. 2015
  • Title: Interplay between sequential and prompt two-proton decay from the first excited state of 16Ne
    Author(s): Brown, K.W.; Charity, R.J.; Sobotka, L.G.; Grigorenko, L.V.; Golubkova, T.A.; Bedoor, S.; Buhro, W.W.; Chajecki, Z.; Elson, J.M.; Lynch, W.G.; Manfredi, J.; McNeel, D.G.; Reviol, W.; Shane, R.; Showalter, R.H.; Tsang, M.B.; Winkelbauer, J.R.; Wuosmaa, A.H.
    Source: Physical Review C (Nuclear Physics) Volume: 92 Issue: 3 Pages: 034329 (12 pp.) Published: Sept. 2015
  • Title: Development and performance of a 129-GHz dynamic nuclear polarizer in an ultra-wide bore superconducting magnet
    Author(s): Lumata, L.L.; Martin, R.; Jindal, A.K.; Kovacs, Z.; Conradi, M.S.; Merritt, M.E.
    Source: Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine Volume: 28 Issue: 2 Pages: 195-205 Published: April 2015
  • Title: Electromagnetic effects on the light hadron spectrum
    Author(s): Basak, S.; Bazavov, A.; Bernard, C.; DeTar, C.; Freeland, E.; Foley, J.; Gottlieb, S.; Heller, U.M.; Komijani, J.; Laiho, J.; Levkova, L.; Li, R.; Osborn, J.; Sugar, R.L.; Torok, A.; Toussaint, D.; Van de Water, R.S.; Zhou, R.
    Source: Journal of Physics: Conference Series Volume: 640 Pages: 012052 (6 pp.) Published: 2015
    Meeting Information: XXVI IUPAP Conference on Computational Physics (CCP2014)
    Boston, MA, USA, 11-14 Aug. 2014
  • Title: Effects of nonlocal potentials on (p,d) transfer reactions
    Author(s): Ross, A.; Titus, L.J.; Nunes, F.M.; Mahzoon, M.H.; Dickhoff, W.H.; Charity, R.J.
    Source: Physical Review C (Nuclear Physics) Volume: 92 Issue: 4 Pages: 044607 (7 pp.) Published: Oct. 2015

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