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Color-color diagrams as tools for assessment of the variable absorption in high mass X-ray binaries
Grinberg, V.; Nowak, M.A.; Hell, N.

Single-nucleon knockout cross sections for reactions producing resonance states at or beyond the drip line
By:Charity, R. J.; Sobotka, L. G.; Tostevin, J. A.
PHYSICAL REVIEW C Volume: ‏ 102 Issue: ‏ 4 Article Number: 044614 Published: ‏ OCT 20 2020

Weak Measurement of Superconducting Qubit Reconciles Incompatible Operators
Monroe, J.T.; Halpern, N.Y.; Taeho Lee; Murch, K.W.

Almost medium-free measurement of the Hoyle state direct-decay component with a TPC
Bishop, J.; Rogachev, G.V.; Ahn, S.; Aboud, E.; Barbui, M.; et al.
Physical Review C Volume 102 Issue: 4 Article Number: 041303(R) Published 12 October 2020

Verification of the optical system of the 9.7-m prototype Schwarzschild-Couder Telescope
Adams, C.; Alfaro, R.; Ambrosi, G.; Ambrosio, M.; Aramo, C.; Bose, R.; Buckley, J. H.; et al.
Proceedings Of The SPIE Volume: 11488 Article Number: 1148805 Published: 2020

Status of the development of NUV SiPMs for INFN optical modules for the SCT medium sized telescope proposed for the CTA observatory
By:Adams, C.; Ambrosi, G.; Ambrosio, M.; Bose, R.; Buckley, J. H.; et al.
Group Author(s): CTA pSCT Project
NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION A Volume: ‏ 982 Article Number: 164486 Published: ‏ DEC 1 2020

Resistivity Saturation in Metallic Liquids Above a Dynamical Crossover Temperature Observed in Measurements Aboard the International Space Station
By:Van Hoesen, D. C.; Gangopadhyay, A. K.; Lohoefer, G.; Sellers, M. E.; Pueblo, C. E.; Kelton, K. F.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: ‏ 123 Issue: ‏ 22 Article Number: 226601 Published: ‏ NOV 29 2019

Reexamining the relation between the binding energy of finite nuclei and the equation of state of infinite nuclear matter
By:Atkinson, M. C.; Dickhoff, W. H.; Piarulli, M.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW C Volume: ‏ 102 Issue: ‏ 4 Article Number: 044333 Published: ‏ OCT 30 2020

Link between volume, thermal expansion, and bulk metallic glass formability
Gangopadhyay, A.K.; Pueblo, C.E.; Kelton, K.F.
Physical Review Materials Volume: ‏ ‏ 4 Article Number: 095602 Published: ‏ SEP 16 2020

Topological Quantum Many-Body Scars in Quantum Dimer Models on the Kagome Lattice
Wildeboer, J.; Seidel, A.; Srivatsa, N.S.; Nielsen, A.E.B.; Erten, O.

New mechanism for matter-antimatter asymmetry and connection with dark matter
Dasgupta, A.; Dev, P.S. Bhupal; Sin Kyu Kang; Yongchao Zhang
Physical Review D Volume: ‏ ‏ 102 Article Number: 055009 Published: ‏ SEP 14 2020

The FRB-SGR connection
By:Katz, J. I.
MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Volume: ‏ 499 Issue: ‏ 2 Pages: ‏ 2319-2326 Published: ‏ DEC 2020

Unified explanation of flavor anomalies, radiative neutrino masses, and ANITA anomalous events in a vector leptoquark model
By:Dev, P. S. Bhupal; Mohanta, Rukmani; Patra, Sudhanwa; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW D Volume: ‏ 102 Issue: ‏ 9 Article Number: 095012 Published: ‏ NOV 12 2020

Topological disorder triggered by interaction-induced flattening of electron spectra in solids
By:Khodel, V. A.; Clark, J. W.; Zverev, M., V
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: ‏ 102 Issue: ‏ 20 Article Number: 201108 Published: ‏ NOV 10 2020

Many-body factorization and position-momentum equivalence of nuclear short-range correlations
By:Cruz-Torres, R.; Lonardoni, D.; Weiss, R.; Piarulli, M.; et al.
NATURE PHYSICS Early Access: NOV 2020

Weak Transitions in Light Nuclei
By:King, Garrett B.; Andreoli, Lorenzo; Pastore, Saori; Piarulli, Maria
FRONTIERS IN PHYSICS Volume: ‏ 8 Article Number: 363 Published: ‏ NOV 2 2020

Fermion Condensation: Theory and Experiment
Khodel, V.A.; Clark, J.W.; Zverev, M.V.
Physics Of Atomic Nuclei Volume: 83 Article Number: 101 Published: 2020

A new nature inspired modularity function adapted for unsupervised learning involving spatially embedded networks: A comparative analysis
Kishore, R.; Nussinov, Z.; Sahu, K.K.

Broken Symmetries and Kohn’s Theorem in Graphene Cyclotron Resonance
Pack, J.; Russell, B.J.; Kapoor, Y.; Balgley, J.; Ahlers, J.; et al.
Physical Review X Volume: 10 Article Number: 041006 Published: 8 OCT 2020

Optical Night Sky Brightness Measurements from the Stratosphere
By:Gill, Ajay; Benton, Steven J.; Brown, Anthony M.; Nagy, Johanna M.; et al.
ASTRONOMICAL JOURNAL Volume: ‏ 160 Issue: ‏ 6 Article Number: 266 Published: ‏ DEC 2020

White paper: from bound states to the continuum
By:Johnson, Calvin W.; Launey, Kristina D.; Auerbach, Naftali; Dickhoff, W. H.; et al.
JOURNAL OF PHYSICS G-NUCLEAR AND PARTICLE PHYSICS Volume: ‏ 47 Issue: ‏ 12 Article Number: 123001 Published: ‏ DEC 2020

Statistical learning for evaluation of crystal growth in low-melting alloy droplets with application to quasicrystal-forming Ti-Zr-Ni alloys
By:Xiao, Xiao; Rodriguez, Justin E.; Kelton, Kenneth F.; et al.
MODELLING AND SIMULATION IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Volume: ‏ 28 Issue: ‏ 8 Article Number: 085008 Published: ‏ DEC 2020

Universal T/B Scaling Behavior of Heavy Fermion Compounds (Mini-review)
By:Shaginyan, V. R.; Msezane, A. Z.; Clark, J. W.; et al.
JETP LETTERS Early Access: NOV 2020

Revisiting supernova constraints on a light CP-even scalar (vol 08, 003, 2020)
By:Dev, P. S. Bhupal; Mohapatra, Rabindra N.; Zhang, Yongchao
JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS Issue: ‏ 11 Article Number: E01 Published: ‏ NOV 2020

Quantitative proton radiation therapy dosimetry using the storage phosphor europium-doped potassium chloride
By:Setianegara, Jufri; Mazur, Thomas R.; Maraghechi, Borna; et al.
MEDICAL PHYSICS Volume: ‏ 47 Issue: ‏ 10 Pages: ‏ 5287-5300 Published: ‏ OCT 2020

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