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Quasi-Binary Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Alloys: Thermodynamic Stability Prediction, Scalable Synthesis, and Application
By: Hemmat, Zahra; Cavin, John; Ahmadiparidari, Alireza; et al.
ADVANCED MATERIALS Article Number: 1907041

Neutrino nonstandard interactions via light scalars in the Earth, Sun, supernovae, and the early Universe
By: Babu, K. S.; Chauhan, Garv; Dev, P. S. Bhupal
PHYSICAL REVIEW D Volume: ‏ 101 Issue: ‏ 9 Article Number: 095029 Published: ‏ MAY 21 2020

Local Two-Body Parent Hamiltonians for the Entire Jain Sequence
By: Bandyopadhyay, Sumanta; Ortiz, Gerardo; Nussinov, Zohar; Seidel, Alexander
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: ‏ 124 Issue: ‏ 19 Article Number: 196803 Published: ‏ MAY 15 2020

The Great Markarian 421 Flare of 2010 February: Multiwavelength Variability and Correlation Studies
By: Abeysekara, A. U.; Benbow, W.; Bird, R.; Buckley, J. H.; et al.
Group Author(s): VERITAS Collaboration; MAGIC Collaboration; Multiwavelength Partners
ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Volume: ‏ 890 Issue: ‏ 2 Article Number: 97 Published: ‏ FEB 20 2020

MUonE sensitivity to new physics explanations of the muon anomalous magnetic moment
Bhupal Dev, P.S.; Rodejohann, W.; Xun-Jie Xu; Yongchao Zhang
Journal Of High Energy Physics Volume: ‏ 2020 Article Number: 53 Published: ‏ 2020

Optically Driven Magnetic Phase Transition of Monolayer RuCl3
Yingzhen Tian; Weiwei Gao; Henriksen, E.A.; Chelikowsky, J.R.; Li Yang
Nano Letters Volume: ‏ 19 Issue: 11 Article Number: 7680-7673 Published: ‏ 2019

The unusual broad-band X-ray spectral variability of NGC 1313 X-1 seen with XMM–Newton, Chandra, and NuSTAR
D J Walton, C Pinto, M Nowak, M Bachetti, R Sathyaprakash, E Kara, T P Roberts, R Soria, M Brightman, C R Canizares, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 494, Issue 4, June 2020, Pages 6012–6029

Prototype Schwarzschild-Couder Telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array: Commissioning Status of the Optical System
Adams, C.; Ambrosi, G.; Ambrosio, M.; Aramo, C.; Benbow, W.; Buckley, J.H.; et al.

Evidence for Proton Acceleration up to TeV Energies Based on VERITAS and Fermi-LAT Observations of the Cas A SNR
Abeysekara, A.U.; Archer, A.; Benbow, W.; Bird, R.; Brose, R.; Buckley, J.H.; et al.
Astrophysical Journal Volume: 894 Issue: 1 Article Number: 51 Published: 2020

Quasiparticle energies and excitonic effects of chromium trichloride: From two dimensions to bulk
By: Zhu, Linghan; Yang, Li
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: ‏ 101 Issue: ‏ 24 Article Number: 245401 Published: ‏ JUN 1 2020

Searching for Galactic micro-FRB with lunar scattering
By: Katz, J., I
MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Volume: ‏ 494 Issue: ‏ 3 Pages: ‏ 3464-3468 Published: ‏ MAY 2020

Phase transition dynamics and gravitational wave spectra of strong first-order phase transition in supercooled universe
By: Wang, Xiao; Huang, Fa Peng; Zhang, Xinmin
JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS Issue: ‏ 5 Article Number: 045 Published: ‏ MAY 2020

Dose uncertainty and resolution of polymer gel dosimetry using an MRI guided radiation therapy system’s onboard 0.35 T scanner
By: Maraghechi, Borna; Gach, H. Michael; Setianegara, Jufri; et al.

Visual Machine Learning: Insight through Eigenvectors, Chladni patterns and community detection in 2D particulate structures
Kishore, R.; Swayamjyoti, S.; Das, S.; Gogineni, A.K.; Nussinov, Z.; et al.

Observation of excitonic series in monolayer and few-layer black phosphorus
By: Tian, Ruijuan; Fei, Ruixiang; Hu, Siqi; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: ‏ 101 Issue: ‏ 23 Article Number: 235407 Published: ‏ JUN 3 2020

Entanglement studies of resonating valence bonds on the frustrated square lattice
By: Wildeboer, Julia; Seidel, Alexander
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: ‏ 101 Issue: ‏ 22 Article Number: 224406 Published: ‏ JUN 3 2020

Crystal structure reconstruction in the surface monolayer of the quantum spin liquid candidate alpha-RuCl3
Zhongwei Dai; Yu Jie-Xiang; Boyi Zhou; Tenney, S.A.; Lampen-Kelley, P.; Erik A Henriksen; et al.
2d Materials Volume: 7 Issue: 3 Published: 28 April 2020

Hydrogen in chondrites: Influence of parent body alteration and atmospheric contamination on primordial components
By: Vacher, Lionel G.; Piani, Laurette; Rigaudier, Thomas; et al.
GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA Volume: ‏ 281 Pages: ‏ 53-66 Published: ‏ JUL 15 2020

CALET on the International Space Station: the first three years of observations
By: Brogi, P.; Adriani, O.; Akaike, Y.; Binns, W. R.; Buckley, J. H.; Israel, M. H.; Krawczynski, H. S.; Rauch, B. F.; et al.
PHYSICA SCRIPTA Volume: ‏ 95 Issue: ‏ 7 Article Number: 074012 Published: ‏ JUL 2020

The unusual broad-band X-ray spectral variability of NGC1313 X-1 seen with XMM-Newton, Chandra, and NuSTAR
By: Walton, D. J.; Pinto, C.; Nowak, M.; et al.
MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Volume: ‏ 494 Issue: ‏ 4 Pages: ‏ 6012-6029 Published: ‏ JUN 2020

Are fast radio bursts made by neutron stars?
By:Katz, J., I
MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Volume: ‏ 494 Issue: ‏ 1 Pages: ‏ L64-L68 Published: ‏ MAY 2020

Fast radio bursts from axion stars moving through pulsar magnetospheres
Buckley, J.H.; Bhupal Dev, P.S.; Ferrer, F.; Fa Peng Huang

Identification of Large Isotope Anomalies in Quartz by Infrared Spectroscopy
Ogliore, R.C.; Dwyer, C.; Krawczynski, M.J.; Couvy, H.; Eisele, M.; et al.
Applied Spectroscopy, 73(7), 767–773.

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