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Non-standard interactions in radiative neutrino mass models
By: Babu, K. S.; Dev, P. S. Bhupal; Jana, Sudip; et al.
JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Issue: 3 Article Number: 006 Published: MAR 2 2020

Experimental determination of the temperature-dependent Van Hove function in a Zr80Pt20 liquid
By: Ashcraft, R.; Wang, Z.; Abernathy, D. L.; Quirinale, D. G.; Egami, T.; Kelton, K. F.
JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS Volume: 152 Issue: 7 Article Number: 074506 Published: FEB 21 2020

Widely tunable mid-infrared light emission in thin-film black phosphorus
By: Chen, Chen; Lu, Xiaobo; Deng, Bingchen; Chen, Xiaolong; Guo, Qiushi; Ma, Chao; Yuan, Shaofan; Sung, Eric; Watanabe, Kenji; Taniguchi, Takashi; Yang, Li; Xia, Fengnian
SCIENCE ADVANCES Volume: 6 Issue: 7 Article Number: eaay6134 Published: FEB 2020

A method to predict the glass transition temperature in metallic glasses from properties of the equilibrium liquid
Dai, R.; Gangopadhyay, A.K.; Chang, R.J.; Kelton, K.F.
Acta Materialia Volume 172, 15 June 2019, Pages 1-5

Pairing and non-Fermi liquid behavior in partially flat-band systems: Beyond nesting physics
Sayyad, S.; Huang, E.W.; Kitatani, M.; Vaezi, M.-S.; Nussinov, Z.; et al.
Physical Review B 101, 014501 – Published 6 January 2020

Observations of a GX 301-2 Apastron Flare with the X-Calibur Hard X-Ray Polarimeter Supported by NICER, the Swift XRT and BAT, and Fermi GBM
Abarr, Q.; Baring, M.; Beheshtipour, B.; Beilicke, M.; de Geronimo, G.; Dowkontt, P.; Errando, M.; Kislat, F.; Krawczynski, H.; Lisalda, L.; Press, L.; Rauch, B.; Tang, J.; West, A.; et al.
Astrophysical Journal Volume 891, Number 1 70 Published 2020 March 4

Relativistic hybrid stars with sequential first-order phase transitions and heavy-baryon envelopes
By: Li, Jia Jie; Sedrakian, Armen; Alford, Mark
PHYSICAL REVIEW D Volume: 101 Issue: 6 Article Number: 063022 Published: MAR 20 2020

Deep reinforcement learning for complex evaluation of one-loop diagrams in quantum field theory
By: Windisch, Andreas; Gallien, Thomas; Schwarzlmueller, Christopher
PHYSICAL REVIEW E Volume: 101 Issue: 3 Article Number: 033305 Published: MAR 18 2020

Heat and Work Along Individual Trajectories of a Quantum Bit
By: Naghiloo, M.; Tan, D.; Harrington, P. M.; Alonso, J. J.; Lutz, E.; Romito, A.; Murch, K. W.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 124 Issue: 11 Article Number: 110604 Published: MAR 17 2020

A Decade of Multiwavelength Observations of the TeV Blazar 1ES 1215+303: Extreme Shift of the Synchrotron Peak Frequency and Long-term Optical-Gamma-Ray Flux Increase
By: Valverde, Janeth; Horan, Deirdre; Bernard, Denis; Buckley, J. H.; et al.
Group Author(s): Fermi LAT Collaboration; VERITAS Collaboration
ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Volume: 891 Issue: 2 Article Number: 170 Published: MAR 10 2020

Neutrinoless double beta decay versus other probes of heavy sterile neutrinos
By: Bolton, Patrick D.; Deppisch, Frank F.; Dev, P. S. Bhupal
JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Issue: 3 Article Number: 170 Published: MAR 27 2020

Electromyometrial imaging dataset of electromyograms and isochrone maps under deformation/electrical noise contaminations
By: Wang, Hui; Wu, Wenjie; Talcott, Michael; et al.
DATA IN BRIEF Volume: 28 Article Number: 105078 Published: FEB 2020

Local two-body parent Hamiltonians for the entire Jain sequence [arXiv]
Bandyopadhyay, S.; Ortiz, G.; Nussinov, Z.; Seidel, A.

Non-standard interactions in radiative neutrino mass models
By: Babu, K. S.; Dev, P. S. Bhupal; Jana, Sudip; et al.
JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Issue: 3 Article Number: 006 Published: MAR 2 2020

Magnetic ordering at anomalously high temperatures in selected lanthanides: what about Pr?
By: Song, Jing; S Schilling, James
JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER Volume: 32 Issue: 25 Article Number: 254001 Published: JUN 10 2020

Refined composition of Solar Wind xenon delivered by Genesis NASA mission: Comparison with xenon captured by extraterrestrial regolith soils
By: Meshik, Alex; Pravdivtseva, Olga; Burnett, Donald
GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA Volume: 276 Pages: 289-298 Published: MAY 1 2020

Dispersive optical model analysis of Pb-208 generating a neutron-skin prediction beyond the mean field
By: Atkinson, M. C.; Mahzoon, M. H.; Keim, M. A.; Bordelon, B. A.; Pruitt, C. D.; Charity, R. J.; Dickhoff, W. H.
PHYSICAL REVIEW C Volume: 101 Issue: 4 Article Number: 044303 Published: APR 9 2020

Benchmark calculations of pure neutron matter with realistic nucleon-nucleon interactions
By: Piarulli, M.; Bombaci, I; Logoteta, D.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW C Volume: 101 Issue: 4 Article Number: 045801 Published: APR 8 2020

Constraints on long-lived light scalars with flavor-changing couplings and the KOTO anomaly
By: Dev, P. S. Bhupal; Mohapatra, Rabindra N.; Zhang, Yongchao
PHYSICAL REVIEW D Volume: 101 Issue: 7 Article Number: 075014 Published: APR 8 2020

The Great Markarian 421 Flare of 2010 February: Multiwavelength Variability and Correlation Studies
By: Abeysekara, A. U.; Benbow, W.; Bird, R.; Buckley, J. H.; et al.
Group Author(s): VERITAS Collaboration; MAGIC Collaboration; Multiwavelength Partners
ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Volume: 890 Issue: 2 Article Number: 97 Published: FEB 20 2020

Metamorphoses of Electron Systems Hosting a Fermion Condensate
By: Khodel, V. A.; Clark, J. W.; Zverev, M., V
JETP LETTERS Volume: 111 Issue: 2 Pages: 96-103 Published: JAN 2020

Mechanism of Extreme Optical Nonlinearities in Spiral WS2 above the Bandgap
By: Fan, Xiaopeng; Ji, Zhurun; Fei, Ruixiang; Yang, Li; et al.
NANO LETTERS Volume: 20 Issue: 4 Pages: 2667-2673 Published: APR 8 2020

Dark matter clusters and time correlations in direct detection experiments
By: Nussinov, Shmuel; Zhang, Yongchao
JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Issue: 3 Published: MAR 24 2020

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