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Comparison between variational Monte Carlo and shell model calculations of neutrinoless double beta decay matrix elements in light nuclei
By: Wang, X. B.; Hayes, A. C.; Carlson, J.; Dong, G. X.; Mereghetti, E.; Pastore, S.; Wiringa, R. B.
PHYSICS LETTERS B Volume: 798 Article Number: UNSP 134974 Published: NOV 10 2019

Investigating the link between proton reaction cross sections and the quenching of proton spectroscopic factors in Ca-48
By: Atkinson, M. C.; Dickhoff, W. H.
PHYSICS LETTERS B Volume: 798 Article Number: UNSP 135027 Published: NOV 10 2019

An in situ investigation on the origins and processing of circumstellar oxide and silicate grains in carbonaceous chondrites
By: Zega, Thomas J.; Haenecour, Pierre; Floss, Christine

Vacuum Stability and Symmetry Breaking in Left-Right Symmetric Model
By: Garv Chauhan

Fine-grained Material Associated with a Large Sulfide returned from Comet 81P/Wild 2
By: Gainsforth, Zack; Westphal, Andrew; Butterworth, Anna; Jilly-Rehak, Christine; Brownlee, D.; Joswiak, D.; Ogliore, R.; Zolensky, M.; Bechtel, Hans; Ebel, D.; Huss, G.; Sandford, S.; White, A.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science Volume: 54 Issue: 5 PP. 1069-1091 May 2019

Cortical Circuit Dynamics Are Homeostatically Tuned to Criticality In Vivo
By: Ma, Zhengyu; Turrigiano, Gina G.; Wessel, Ralf; et al.
NEURON Volume: 104 Issue: 4 Pages: 655-+ Published: NOV 20 2019

The presolar grain inventory of fine-grained chondrule rims in the Mighei-type (CM) chondrites
By: Leitner, Jan; Metzler, Knut; Vollmer, Christian; Floss, Christine; Haenecour, Pierre; Kodolanyi, ; Harries, Dennis; Hoppe, Peter

Optically Driven Magnetic Phase Transition of Monolayer RuCl3
By: Tian, Yingzhen; Gao, Weiwei; Henriksen, Erik A.; Chelikowsky, James R.; Yang, Li
NANO LETTERS Volume: 19 Issue: 11 Pages: 7673-7680 Published: NOV 2019

Prediction of elemental glass-transition temperatures of metals from thermophysical properties of liquids
By Gangopadhyay, A.K.; Kelton, K.F.
Journal Of Non-crystalline Solids: X Vol 2 100016 June 2019

Chandra reveals a possible ultra-fast outflow in the super-Eddington Be/X-ray binary Swift J0243.6+6124 [arXiv]
van den Eijnden, J.; Degenaar, N.; Schulz, N.S.; Nowak, M.A.; Wijnands, R.; et al.

Resistivity Saturation in Metallic Liquids Above a Dynamical Crossover Temperature Observed in Measurements Aboard the International Space Station
By: Van Hoesen, D. C.; Gangopadhyay, A. K.; Lohoefer, G.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 123 Issue: 22 Article Number: 226601 Published: NOV 26 2019

Bulk viscosity of baryonic matter with trapped neutrinos
By: Alford, Mark; Harutyunyan, Arus; Sedrakian, Armen
PHYSICAL REVIEW D Volume: 100 Issue: 10 Article Number: 103021 Published: NOV 22 2019

Renormalized approach to neutrinoless double-beta decay
By: Cirigliano, V; Dekens, W.; de Vries, J.; Graesser, M. L.; Mereghetti, E.; Pastore, S.; Piarulli, M.; van Kolck, U.; Wiringa, R. B.
PHYSICAL REVIEW C Volume: 100 Issue: 5 Article Number: 055504 Published: NOV 25 2019

Theoretical and experimental developments in quantum spin liquid in geometrically frustrated magnets: a review
By: Shaginyan, V. R.; Stephanovich, V. A.; Msezane, A. Z.; Japaridze, G. S.; Clark, J. W.; Amusia, M. Ya.; Kirichenko, E. V.
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE Volume: 55 Issue: 6 Pages: 2257-2290 Published: FEB 2020

Chandra Spectral and Timing Analysis of Sgr A*’s Brightest X-Ray Flares
By: Haggard, Daryl; Nynka, Melania; Mon, Brayden; Hernandez, Noelia de la Cruz; Nowak, Michael; Heinke, Craig; Neilsen, Joseph; Dexter, Jason; Fragile, P. Chris; Baganoff, Fred; Bower, Geoffrey C.; Corrales, Lia R.; Zelati, Francesco Coti; Degenaar, Nathalie; Markoff, Sera; Morris, Mark R.; Ponti, Gabriele; Rea, Nanda; Wilms, Joern; Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad
ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Volume: 886 Issue: 2 Article Number: 96 Published: DEC 1 2019

Baryogenesis and Leptogenesis
Bhupal Dev, P.S.
16th Conference On Flavor Physics And Cp Violation. Fpcp 2018. Springer Proceedings In Physics (Pip 234)

Oxygen Isotopic Composition of an Enstatite Ribbon of Probable Cometary Origin
Ryan C. Ogliore, Donald E. Brownlee, Kazuhide Nagashima, Dave J. Joswiak, Josiah B. Lewis, Alexander N. Krot, Kainen L. Ut, Gary R. Huss

Universality Classes of Stabilizer Code Hamiltonians
By: Weinstein, Zack; Ortiz, Gerardo; Nussinov, Zohar
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 123 Issue: 23 Article Number: 230503 Published: DEC 3 2019

Gravitational waves triggered by B-L charged hidden scalar and leptogenesis
Ligong Bian; Wei Cheng; Huai-Ke Guo; Yongchao Zhang

Evidence against non-gravitational acceleration of 1I/2017 U1 `Oumuamua
Katz, J.I.
Astrophysics And Space Science 364, 51 (2019)

Long-lived particles at the energy frontier: the MATHUSLA physics case
By: Curtin, David; Drewes, Marco; McCullough, Matthew; Meade, Patrick; Mohapatra, Rabindra N.; Shelton, Jessie; Shuve, Brian; Accomando, Elena; Alpigiani, Cristiano; Antusch, Stefan; Arteaga-Velazquez, Juan Carlos; Batell, Brian; Bauer, Martin; Blinov, Nikita; Caballero-Mora, Karen Salome; Chang, Jae Hyeok; Chun, Eung Jin; Co, Raymond T.; Cohen, Timothy; Cox, Peter; Craig, Nathaniel; Csaki, Csaba; Cui, Yanou; D’Eramo, Francesco; Delle Rose, Luigi; Dev, Bhupal; Dienes, Keith R.; Dror, Jeff A.; Essig, Rouven; Evans, Jared A.; Evans, Jason L.; Tellez, Arturo Fernandez; Fischer, Oliver; Flacke, Thomas; Fradette, Anthony; Frugiuele, Claudia; Fuchs, Elina; Gherghetta, Tony; Giudice, Gian F.; Gorbunov, Dmitry; Gupta, Rick S.; Hagedorn, Claudia; Hall, Lawrence J.; Harris, Philip; Helo, Juan Carlos; Hirsch, Martin; Hochberg, Yonit; Hook, Anson; Ibarra, Alejandro; Ipek, Seyda; Jung, Sunghoon; Knapen, Simon; Kuflik, Eric; Liu, Zhen; Lombardo, Salvator; Lubatti, H. J.; McKeen, David; Molinaro, Emiliano; Moretti, Stefano; Nagata, Natsumi; Neubert, Matthias; No, Jose Miguel; Olaiya, Emmanuel; Perez, Gilad; Peskin, Michael E.; Pinner, David; Pospelov, Maxim; Reece, Matthew; Robinson, Dean J.; Cahuantzi, Mario Rodriguez; Santonico, Rinaldo; Schlaffer, Matthias; Shepherd-Themistocleous, Claire H.; Spray, Andrew; Stolarski, Daniel; Vasquez, Martin A. Subieta; Sundrum, Raman; Thamm, Andrea; Thomas, Brooks; Tsai, Yuhsin; Tweedie, Brock; West, Stephen M.; Young, Charles; Yu, Felix; Zaldivar, Bryan; Zhang, Yongchao; Zurek, Kathryn; Zurita, Jose
REPORTS ON PROGRESS IN PHYSICS Volume: 82 Issue: 11 Article Number: 116201 Published: NOV 2019

Quantum state tomography across the exceptional point in a single dissipative qubit
By: Naghiloo, M.; Abbasi, M.; Joglekar, Yogesh N.; Murch, K.W.
NATURE PHYSICS Volume: 15 Issue: 12 Pages: 1232-+ Published: DEC 2019

LASSI: A lattice model for simulating phase transitions of multivalent proteins
By: Choi, Jeong-Mo; Dar, Furqan; Pappu, Rohit, V
PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY Volume: 15 Issue: 10 Article Number: e1007028 Published: OCT 2019

Regulation of Nearest-Neighbor Cooperative Binding of E. coli SSB Protein to DNA
By: Kozlov, Alexander G.; Shinn, Min Kyung; Lohman, Timothy M.
BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL Volume: 117 Issue: 11 Pages: 2120-2140 Published: DEC 3 2019

Long-lived TeV-scale right-handed neutrino production at the LHC in gauged U(1)(X) model
By: Das, Arindam; Dev, P. S. Bhupal; Okada, Nobuchika
PHYSICS LETTERS B Volume: 799 Article Number: 135052 Published: DEC 10 2019

Curie-Weiss behavior of liquid structure and ideal glass state
By: Ryu, C. W.; Dmowski, W.; Kelton, K. F.; et al.
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Volume: 9 Article Number: 18579 Published: DEC 9 2019

Signatures for quark matter from multi-messenger observations
By: Alford, Mark G.; Han, Sophia; Schwenzer, Kai
JOURNAL OF PHYSICS G-NUCLEAR AND PARTICLE PHYSICS Volume: 46 Issue: 11 Article Number: 114001 Published: NOV 2019

No Sign of G2’s Encounter Affecting Sgr A*’s X-Ray Flaring Rate from Chandra Observations
By: Bouffard, Elie; Haggard, Daryl; Nowak, Michael A.; et al.
ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Volume: 884 Issue: 2 Article Number: 148 Published: OCT 20 2019

Interlayer correlated fractional quantum Hall state in the v=4/5 bilayer system
By: Wang, Hao; Seidel, Alexander; Yang, Kun; Zhang, Fu-Chun
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 100 Issue: 24 Article Number: 245122 Published: DEC 12 2019

Measurement of the gamma ray background in the Davis cavern at the Sanford Underground Research Facility
By: Akerib, D. S.; Akerlof, C. W.; Alsum, S. K.; ; Buckley, J. H.; Bugaev, V. V.; et al.
Group Author(s): LUX-ZEPLIN LZ Collaboration
ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS Volume: 116 Article Number: UNSP 102391 Published: MAR 2020

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