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Continuity of vortices from the hadronic to the color-flavor locked phase in dense matter
Authors: Alford, M.G.; Baym, G.; Fukushima, K.; Hatsuda, T.; Tachibana, M.
Physical Review D Volume: 99 Issue: 3 Pages: 036004 (10 pp.) Published: 1 Feb. 2019

A nature inspired modularity function for unsupervised learning involving spatially embedded networks
Authors: Kishore, R; Gogineni, AK; Nussinov, Z; Sahu, KK
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Volume: 9 Published: FEB 22 2019

R-parity violating supersymmetric explanation of the anomalous events at ANITA
Authors: Collins, JH; Dev, PSB; Sui, YC
PHYSICAL REVIEW D Volume: 99 Issue: 4 Published: FEB 19 2019

Model-independent astrophysical constraints on leptophilic Dark Matter in the framework of Tsallis statistics
Authors: Guha, A; Dev, PSB; Das, PK

Lattice computation of the electromagnetic contributions to kaon and pion masses
Authors: Basak, S.; Bazavov, A.; Bernard, C.; DeTar, C.; Levkova, L.; Freeland, E.; Gottlieb, S.; Torok, A.; Heller, U.M.; Laiho, J.; Osborn, J.; Sugar, R.L.; Toussaint, D.; Van de Water, R.S.; Zhou, R.
Physical Review D Volume: 99 Issue: 3 Pages: 034503 (40 pp.) Published: 1 Feb. 2019

Relativistic Components of the Ultra-fast Outflow in the Quasar PDS 456 from Chandra/HETGS, NuSTAR, and XMM-Newton Observations
Authors: Boissay-Malaquin, R; Danehkar, A; Marshall, HL; Nowak, MA
ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Volume: 873 Issue: 1 Published: MAR 1 2019

Absorption and secondary scattering of X-rays with an off-axis small beam for a cylindrical sample geometry
Authors: Van Hoesen, D; Bendert, JC; Kelton, KF

Enhanced magnetic ordering in Sm metal under extreme pressure
Authors: Deng, Y; Schilling, JS
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 99 Issue: 8 Published: FEB 25 2019

Vacuum structure of the left-right symmetric model
Authors: Dev, PSB; Mohapatra, RN; Rodejohann, W; Xu, XJ
JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Issue: 2 Published: FEB 22 2019

Characterisation and testing of CHEC-M-A camera prototype for the small-sized telescopes of the Cherenkov telescope array
Authors: Zorn, J.; White, R.; Watson, J.J.; Armstrong, T.P.; Balzer, A.; Barcelo, M.; Berge, D.; Bose, R.; Brown, A.M.; Bryan, M.; Chadwick, P.M.; Clark, P.; Costantini, H.; Cotter, G.; Dangeon, L.; Daniel, M.; De Franco, A.; Deiml, P.; Fasola, G.; Funk, S.; Gebyehu, M.; Gironnet, J.; Graham, J.A.; Greenshaw, T.; Hinton, J.A.; Kraus, M.; Lapington, J.S.; Laporte, P.; Leach, S.A.; Le Blanc, O.; Malouf, A.; Molyneux, P.; Moore, P.; Prokoph, H.; Okumura, A.; Ross, D.; Rowell, G.; Sapozhnikov, L.; Schoorlemmer, H.; Sol, H.; Stephan, M.; Tajima, H.; Tibaldo, L.; Varner, G.; Zink, A.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A (Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment) Volume: 904 Pages: 44-63 Published: 1 Oct. 2018

Primordial Black Holes from the QCD Axion
Authors: Ferrer, F; Masso, E; Panico, G; Pujolas, O; Rompineve, F
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 122 Issue: 10 Published: MAR 13 2019

TeV scale leptogenesis, inflaton dark matter, and neutrino mass in a scotogenic model
Authors: Borah, D; Dev, PSB; Kumar, A
PHYSICAL REVIEW D Volume: 99 Issue: 5 Published: MAR 12 2019

Comparison of Forcefields in the Prediction of Intrinsic Residue-Specific Backbone Dihedral Angle Distributions of Blocked Amino Acids
Authors: Lalmansingh, JM; Choi, JM; Pappu, RV
BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL Volume: 116 Supplement: 1 Issue: 3 Pages: 145A-145A Published: FEB 15 2019

Computational Studies of the Phase Transitions and Network Structure of Dense Liquids Formed by Linear Multivalent Proteins
Authors: Dar, F; Choi, JM; Pappu, RV
BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL Volume: 116 Supplement: 1 Issue: 3 Pages: 349A-349A Published: FEB 15 2019

The CALorimetric Electron Telescope (CALET) on the International Space Station: Results from the First Two Years On Orbit
Authors: Asaoka, Y.; Adriani, O.; Akaike, Y.; Asano, K.; Bagliesi, M.G.; Berti, E.; Bigongiari, G.; Binns, W.R.; Bonechi, S.; Bongi, M.; Bruno, A.; Brogi, P.; Buckley, J.H.; Cannady, N.; Castellini, G.; Checchia, C.; Cherry, M.L.; Collazuol, G.; Di Felice, V.; Ebisawa, K.; Fuke, H.; Guzik, T.G.; Hams, T.; Hasebe, N. ; Hibino, K.; Ichimura, M.; Ioka, K.; Ishizaki, W.; Israel, M.H.; Kasahara, K.; Kataoka, J.; Kataoka, R.; Katayose, Y.; Kato, C.; Kawanaka, N.; Kawakubo, Y.; Kohri, K.; Krawczynski, H.S.; Krizmanic, J.F.; Lomtadze, T.; Maestro, P.; Marrocchesi, P.S.; Messineo, A.M.; Mitchell, J.W.; Miyake, S.; Moiseev, A.A.; Mori, K.; Mori, M.; Mori, N.; Motz, H.M.; Munakata, K.; Murakami, H.; Nakahira, S.; Nishimura, J.; De Nolfo, G.A.; Okuno, S.; Ormes, J.F.; Ozawa, S.; Paci ni, L.; Palma, F.; Pal’shin, V! .; Papini, P.; Penacchioni, A.V.; Rauch, B.F.; Ricciarini, S.B.; Sakai, K.; Sakamoto, T.; Sasaki, M.; Shimizu, Y.; Shiomi, A.; Sparvoli, R.; Spillantini, P.; Stolzi, F.; Sugita, S.; Suh, J.E.; Sulaj, A.; Takahashi, I.; Takayanagi, M.; Takita, M.; Tamura, T.; Tateyama, N.; Terasawa, T.; Tomida, H.; Torii, S.; Tsunesada, Y.; Uchihori, Y.; Ueno, S.; Vannuccini, E.; Wefel, J.P.; Yamaoka, K.; Yanagita, S.; Yoshida, A.; Yoshida, K.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series Volume: 1181 Pages: 012003 (10 pp.) Published: 2019

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