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Fractional Angular Momentum at Topological Insulator Interfaces
Authors: Nogueira, F.S.; Nussinov, Z.; van den Brink, J.
Physical Review Letters Volume: 121 Issue: 22 Pages: 227001 (6 pp.) Published: 30 Nov. 2018 

Flip-chip gate-tunable acoustoelectric effect in graphene
Authors: Lane, J.R.; Zhang, L.; Khasawneh, M.A.; Zhou, B.N.; Henriksen, E.A.; Pollanen, J.
Journal of Applied Physics Volume: 124 Issue: 19 Pages: 194302 (6 pp.) Published: 21 Nov. 2018
Optimal velocity profile for a cable car passing over a support
Authors: Wenin, M; Windisch, A; Ladurner, S; Bertotti, ML; Modanese, G
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MECHANICS A-SOLIDS Volume: 73 Pages: 366-372 Published: JAN-FEB 2019
β equilibrium in neutron-star mergers
Authors: Alford, MG; Harris, SP
PHYSICAL REVIEW C Volume: 98 Issue: 6 Published: DEC 28 2018
Strontium and barium isotopes in presolar silicon carbide grains measured with CHILI-two types of X grains
Authors: Stephan, T.; Trappitsch, R.; Davis, A.M.; Pellin, M.J.; Rost, D.; Savina, M.R.; Jadhav, M.; Kelly, C.H.; Gyngard, F.; Hoppe, P.; Dauphas, N.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Volume: 221 Pages: 109-26 Published: 15 Jan. 2018
PT-symmetric quantum field theory in D dimensions
Authors: Bender, C.M.; Hassanpour, N.; Klevansky, S.P.; Sarkar, S.
Physical Review D Volume: 98 Issue: 12 Pages: 125003 (9 pp.) Published: 15 Dec. 2018
The multiscale structural and mechanical effects of mouse supraspinatus muscle unloading on the mature enthesis
Authors: Deymier, AC; Schwartz, AG; Cai, ZH; Daulton, TL; Pasteris, JD; Genin, GM; Thomopoulos, S
ACTA BIOMATERIALIA Volume: 83 Pages: 302-313 Published: JAN 1 2019
Displaced vertex signatures of doubly charged scalars in the type-II seesaw and its left-right extensions
Authors: Bhupal Dev, P.S.; Yongchao Zhang
Journal of High Energy Physics Volume: 2018Issue: 10Pages: 199 (52 pp.)Published: Oct. 2018

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