Publications from WU Math Dept., August 2017

  • Aleman A, Hartz M, McCarthy JE, Richter S. 2017. The Smirnov class for spaces with the complete Pick property. Journal of the London Mathematical Society 96(1):228-242.
  • Blecher DP, Weaver N. 2017. Quantum measurable cardinals. J. Funct. Anal. 273(5):1870–1890. | MR3666730.
  • DiCiccio TJ, Kuffner TA, Young GA. 2017. The formal relationship between analytic and bootstrap approaches to parametric inference. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 191:81-87. [WU does not subscribe]
  • Duong XT, Li J, Wick B, Yang D. 2017. Factorization for Hardy spaces and characterization for BMO spaces via commutators in the Bessel setting. Indiana Univ. Math. J. 66:1081-1106.
  • Kerr M, Robles C. 2017. Classification of smooth horizontal Schubert varieties. European Journal of Mathematics 3(2):289-310. [WU does not subscribe]
  • Kerr M, Robles C. 2017. Variations of Hodge structure and orbits in flag varieties. Advances in Mathematics 315:27-87.
  • Klep I, Pascoe JE, Volčič J. 2017. Regular and positive noncommutative rational functions. Journal of the London Mathematical Society 95(2):613-632.
  • Krauss MJ, Rajbhandari B, Sowles SJ, Spitznagel EL, Cavazos-Rehg P. 2017. A latent class analysis of poly-marijuana use among young adults. Addict Behav 75:159-165.
  • Mauhar M, Rusinko J, Vernon Z. 2017. H-representation of the Kimura-3 polytope for the m-claw tree. SIAM J. Discrete Math. 31(2):783–795.

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