Publications from WU Biology dept., October, 2017

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  • Allen GE. 2018. Mechanism, Organicism and Vitalism. pp.59-73 IN The Routledge Handbook of Mechanisms and Mechanical Philosophy, Edited by Stuart Glennan, Phyllis Illari. New York: Routledge. book is on order.
  • Burgie ES, Bussell AN, Lye SH, Wang T, Hu W, McLoughlin KE, Weber EL, Li H, Vierstra RD. 2017.Photosensing and Thermosensing by Phytochrome B Require Both Proximal and Distal Allosteric Features within the Dimeric Photoreceptor. Sci Rep 7(1):13648. PubMed abstract & open access fulltext.
  • Devaney JL, Lehmann M, Feller IC, Parker JD. 2017. Mangrove microclimates alter seedling dynamics at the range edge. Ecology 98(10):2513-2520. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.
  • Fristoe TS, Iwaniuk AN, Botero CA. 2017. Big brains stabilize populations and facilitate colonization of variable habitats in birds. Nature Ecology & Evolution 1:1706–1715. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers | In the news: Which came first: big brains or demanding environments?.
  • LaManna JA, Belote RT, Burkle LA, Catano CP, Myers JA. 2017. Negative density dependence mediates biodiversity-productivity relationships across scales. Nat Ecol Evol 1(8):1107-1115. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.
  • Majumder EL, Wolf BM, Liu H, Berg RH, Timlin JA, Chen M, Blankenship RE. 2017. Subcellular pigment distribution is altered under far-red light acclimation in cyanobacteria that contain chlorophyll f. Photosynth Res 134(2):183-192. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.
  • Murton J, Nagarajan A, Nguyen AY, Liberton M, Hancock HA, Pakrasi HB, Timlin JA. 2017. Population-level coordination of pigment response in individual cyanobacterial cells under altered nitrogen levels. Photosynth Res 134(2):165–174. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.
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  • Singh R, Guzman MS, Bose A. 2017. Anaerobic Oxidation of Ethane, Propane, and Butane by Marine Microbes: A Mini Review. Frontiers in Microbiology [open access].
  • Stone DE, Haswell ES, Sztul E. 2017. Finding your inner modeler: An NSF-sponsored workshop to introduce cell biologists to modeling/computational approaches. Cellular Logistics 7(4):e1382669. | WU does not subscribe but there is a freely available version.

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