Publications from WU Math & Statistics Dept., May 2018

  • Chi QS, Wang H. 2018. Orthogonal multiplications of type [3, 4, p],p≤12. Beitrage zur Algebra und Geometrie 59(1):167-197.
  • Chyzh OV, Labzina E. 2018. Bankrolling Repression? Modeling Third-Party Influence on Protests and Repression. American Journal of Political Science 62(2):312-324.
  • Douglas RG, Jabbari M, Tang X, Yu G. 2018. A new index theorem for monomial ideals by resolutions. Journal of Functional Analysis 275(3):735-760.
  • Duong XT, Li J, Wick BD, Yang D. 2018. Commutators, little bmo and weak factorization. Annales de l’Institut Fourier 68(1):109-129.
  • Gallardo P, Giansiracusa N. 2018. Modular Interpretation of a Non-Reductive Chow Quotient. Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society 61(2):457-477.

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