Publications from WU Math & Statistics Dept., June 2018

  • Bloch S, Kerr M, Vanhove P. 2017. Local mirror symmetry and the sunset Feynman integral. Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 21(6) [WU does not subscribe]
  • Frankel S. 2018. Coarse hyperbolicity and closed orbits for quasigeodesic flows. Annals of Mathematics 188(1):1-48.
  • Gualtieri M, Li SH, Pym B. 2018. The Stokes groupoids. Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik 739:81-120. [WU does not subscribe].
  • Kerr M, Yang Y. 2018. An explicit basis for the rational higher Chow groups of abelian number fields. Ann. K-Theory 3(2):173–191. | MR3781425.
  • Liu J, Zheng W, Zheng L, Lin N. 2018. Accurate Quantile Estimation for Skewed Data Streams Using Nonlinear Interpolation. IEEE Access 6:28438 – 28446. [open access]
  • Pan XY. 2018. Spaces of conics on low degree complete intersections. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 370:5381-5400.
  • Shi D, Berchenko-Kogan Y, Block AM. 2017. Hamel’s formalism for infinite-dimensional mechanical systems. J. Nonlinear Sci 27(1):241–283. | MR3600831.

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