Publications from WU Biology Dept., June 2018

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  • Augustine RC. 2018. Live and Let Die: Phosphatidic Acid Modulates the Self-Incompatibility Response. Plant Cell 30(5):950. PubMed citation & fulltext for subscribers.
  • Chalker DL. 2018. Transgenerational Inheritance: Parental Guidance Suggested. Curr Biol 28(12):R702-R704. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.
  • Guo J, Wilken S, Jimenez V, Choi CJ, Ansong C, Dannebaum R, Sudek L, Milner DS, Bachy C, Reistetter EN, Elrod VA, Klimov D, Purvine SO, Wei CL, Kunde-Ramamoorthy G, Richards TA, Goodenough U, Smith RD, Callister SJ, Worden AZ. 2018. Specialized proteomic responses and an ancient photoprotection mechanism sustain marine green algal growth during phosphate limitation. Nat Microbiol 3(7):781-790. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.
  • Hanson AD, Jez JM. 2018. Synthetic biology meets plant metabolism. Plant Science 273:1-2.
  • Haynsen MS, Vatanparast M, Mahadwar G, Zhu D, Moger-Reischer RZ, Doyle JJ, Crandall KA, Egan AN. 2018. De novo transcriptome assembly of Pueraria montana var. lobata and Neustanthus phaseoloides for the development of eSSR and SNP markers: narrowing the US origin(s) of the invasive kudzu. BMC Genomics 19(1):439. PubMed abstract & open access fulltext.
  • Kamath A, Losos J. 2018. Reconsidering territoriality is necessary for understanding Anolis mating systems. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 72(7):106.
  • Liu D, Liberton M, Yu J, Pakrasi HB, Bhattacharyya-Pakrasi M. 2018. Engineering Nitrogen Fixation Activity in an Oxygenic Phototroph. MBio 9(3):e01029-18. PubMed abstract & open access fulltext.
  • Maksaev G, Shoots JM, Ohri S, Haswell ES. 2018. Nonpolar residues in the presumptive pore-lining helix of mechanosensitive channel MSL10 influence channel behavior and establish a nonconducting function. Plant Direct 2(6):e00059. [open access].
  • Olsen KM, Small LL. 2018. Micro- and macroevolutionary adaptation through repeated loss of a complete metabolic pathway. New Phytol 219(2):757-766. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.
  • Perroud PF, Haas FB, Hiss M, Ullrich KK, Alboresi A, Amirebrahimi M, Barry K, Bassi R, Bonhomme S, Chen H, Coates JC, Fujita T, Guyon-Debast A, Lang D, Lin J, Lipzen A, Nogué F, Oliver MJ, Ponce de León I, Quatrano RS, Rameau C, Reiss B, Reski R, Ricca M, Saidi Y, Sun N, Szövényi P, Sreedasyam A, Grimwood J, Stacey G, Schmutz J, Rensing SA. 2018. The Physcomitrella patens gene atlas project: large-scale RNA-seq based expression data. Plant J 95(1):168-182. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.
  • Phillips AZ, Wheeler T, Woodward J, Bart RS. 2018. Pseudomonas syringae Pathogen Causes Foliar Disease of Upland Cotton in Texas. Plant Disease 102(6):1171-1171. [open access]
  • Queller DC. 2017. [Book review of] Adaptation in Metapopulations: How Interaction Changes Evolution, by Michael J. Wade. Quarterly Review of Biology 92 :186-187.
  • Rytz TC, Miller MJ, McLoughlin F, Augustine RC, Marshall RS, Juan YT, Charng YY, Scalf M, Smith LM, Vierstra RD. 2018. SUMOylome Profiling Reveals a Diverse Array of Nuclear Targets Modified by the SUMO Ligase SIZ1 During Heat Stress. Plant Cell 30(5):1077-1099. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.
  • Shah VB, Ferris C, S Orf G, Kavadiya S, Ray JR, Jun YS, Lee B, Blankenship RE, Biswas P. 2018. Supramolecular self-assembly of bacteriochlorophyll c molecules in aerosolized droplets to synthesize biomimetic chlorosomes. J Photochem Photobiol B 185:161-168. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.
  • Spasojevic MJ, Catano CP, LaManna JA, Myers JA. 2018. Integrating species traits into species pools. Ecology 99(6):1265-1276. PubMed abstract & fulltext for subscribers.
  • Wilson Sayres MA, Hauser C, Sierk M, Robic S, Rosenwald AG, Smith TM, Triplett EW, Williams JJ, Dinsdale E, Morgan WR, Burnette JM 3rd, Donovan SS, Drew JC, Elgin SCR, Fowlks ER, Galindo-Gonzalez S, Goodman AL, Grandgenett NF, Goller CC, Jungck JR, Newman JD, Pearson W, Ryder EF, Tosado-Acevedo R, Tapprich W, Tobin TC, Toro-Martínez A, Welch LR, Wright R, Barone L, Ebenbach D, McWilliams M, Olney KC, Pauley MA. 2018. Bioinformatics core competencies for undergraduate life sciences education. PLoS One 13(6):e0196878. PubMed abstract & open access fulltext.

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