Progress continues on the NHPRC Eyes on the Prize Project

Washington University Film & Media Archive staff are making great progress on the Eyes on the Prize Digitization and Reassembly Project made possible by a National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) Grant.

Rosa Parks in "Eyes on the Prize"

Rosa Parks in “Eyes on the Prize”

Digital Archivist Jim Hone has reassembled 116 interviews from the groundbreaking documentary Eyes on the Prize that are part of the Henry Hampton Collection. Many of the interviewees are figures who were present at pivotal moments in the civil rights movement including Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Stokley Carmichael and Rosa Parks. Now researchers will be able to view the entire interview which includes outtakes as well as the sections which appeared in the final program.

Henry Hampton began making what would become Eyes on the Prize in 1979. He conducted approximately 40 interviews in this early stage of production. After Hampton had creative differences with the original funders he regrouped and was able to raise more money for the 1985 production. Some people were interviewed in both 1979 and 1985, while others were only interviewed once. Many of these early interviews did not make it into the final cut and have never been seen in any form before. This grant will enable researchers and viewers to access this rare, primary source footage.

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth in "Eyes on the Prize"

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth in “Eyes on the Prize”


All of the interview from Eyes on the Prize I will eventually be available through a digital online platform with matching video and transcript at the conclusion of the project.





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