More preprint sites announced! Will sharing openly and early become the norm in many disciplines?

News flash – Sept. 2, 2017: OSF (Open Science Framework) is now offering a site for sharing and searching preprints in all disciplines: Providers include Cogprints, CrossRef, DSpace@MIT, DoE’s SciTech Connect Database, Ghent University Academic Bibliography, OSF, PeerJ, PsyArXiv, Research Papers in, Economics, SocArXiv, Springer, arXiv, bioRxiv, engrXiv.

SocArXiv and engrXiv were announced in July. In August 2017, two more were announced: PsyArXiv and ChemRxiv (coming soon from American Chemical Society.) Humanities Commons, which could also house preprints and works in progress, was also announced.

Because SocArXiv, engrXiv, and PsyArXiv are all built on the OSF (Open Science Framework) platform, it is easy to tag articles for more than one discipline; more info.

CrossRef is Getting ready to run with preprints, any day now. I’m hopeful there will be other tools to make discovery from all these sources easier too, in addition to Google of course.

And Preprint server bioRxiv receives additional major funding in August 2017.

I thought this slide was helpful too: Preprints: a Historical Overview from Around the World of Scholarly Publishing, by David Crotty, Editorial Director, Journals Policy Oxford University Press.

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