The Popular Literature (Pop Lit) Collection

Watch rather than read: here’s a video about the PopLit collection.

PopLit is a collection of books and audiobooks that has been assembled for your reading and listening pleasure.

Mystery, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, comics, thrillers, tawdry celebrity bios, and things that defy categorization. Quite a few New York Times bestsellers wind up there.

The collection is on Level 1 of Olin Library, around the corner after you enter the building. There is also a satellite collection at the West Campus library. Audiobooks on tape and CD are behind the Check-out Desk – you’ll just need to let the staff know which one you’d like to check out. They are listed in the Classic Catalog and the Discovery Catalog.

PopLit books are built for speed. They go out for two weeks at a time. You may renew them once for two more weeks. Also, they are not able to be recalled, held, or otherwise restricted in their pursuit of massive circulation and serendipitous enjoyment.

If you would like to see a particular title added to the PopLit collection, let the library staff know. Before you make a request, please check the Classic Catalog to make sure we don’t already own the title. Write your request in the suggestion binder that sits on the shelf in PopLit, or fill out this handy form. Please include author and title information.