Physiology best sellers, March-Nov.2015

Physiology, December 2015 | Best Sellers, March 2015 to Nov. 2015 as identified by YBP Library Services. Titles are linked to local copies when available.

Vitamania: Our Obsessive Quest for Nutritional Perfection
Price, Catherine
Penguin Books
2015. ISBN 9781594205040. $27.95
The Moral Brain: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
Decety, Jean
MIT Press
2015. ISBN 9780262028714. $35
Neuroimmunity: A New Science That Will Revolutionize How We Keep Our Brains Healthy and Young
Schwartz, Michal
Yale University Press
2015. ISBN 9780300203479. $35
Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology
McFadden, Johnjoe
2014. ISBN 9780307986818. $28
Tales from Both Sides of the Brain: A Life in Neuroscience
Gazzaniga, Michael S.
2015. ISBN 9780062228802. $28.99
Trees of the Brain, Roots of the Mind
Ascoli, Giorgio A.
MIT Press
2015. ISBN 9780262028981. $30
Noise Matters: The Evolution of Communication
Wiley, R. Haven
Harvard University Press
2015. ISBN 9780674744127. $45
The Feeling Brain: The Biology and Psychology of Emotions
Johnston, Elizabeth
W.W. Norton
2015. ISBN 9780393706659. $27.50
Principles of Neural Design
Sterling, Peter
MIT Press
2015. ISBN 9780262028707. $45
History of Exercise Physiology
Tipton, Charles M.
Human Kinetics
2014. ISBN 9780736083690. $119
The Eureka Factor: Aha Moments, Creative Insight, and the Brain
Kounios, John
Random House
2015. ISBN 9781400068548. $28
A History of the Brain: From Stone Age Surgery to Modern Neuroscience
Wickens, Andrew P.
Psychology Press
2015. ISBN 9781848723641. $170
The Man Who Wasn’t There: Investigations into the Strange New Science of the Self
Ananthaswamy, Anil
2015. ISBN 9780525954194. $26.95
Brain Computation as Hierarchical Abstraction
Ballard, Dana H.
MIT Press
2015. ISBN 9780262028615. $55
Testosterone: Sex, Power, and the Will to Win
Herbert, Joe
Oxford University Press
2015. ISBN 9780198724971. $29.95
Social Neuroscience: Brain, Mind, and Society
Schutt, Russell K.
Harvard University Press
2015. ISBN 9780674728974. $49.95
Puberty in Crisis: The Sociology of Early Sexual Development
Roberts, Celia
Cambridge University Press
2015. ISBN 9781107104723. $99.99
On the Wing: Insects, Pterosaurs, Birds, Bats and the Evolution of Animal Flight
Alexander, David E.
Oxford University Press
2015. ISBN 9780199996773. $29.95
Brain Renaissance: From Vesalius to Modern Neuroscience
Catani, Marco
Oxford University Press
2015. ISBN 9780199383832. $59.95
The Brain’s Representational Power: On Consciousness and the Integration of Modalities
Pennartz, Cyriel M.A.
MIT Press
2015. ISBN 9780262029315. $45

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