Peer review in 2030

This report is receiving many comments: What might peer review look like in 2030?, a report from BioMed Central and Digital Science, May 2017, available on Figshare CC-BY. This was a report from a one-day conference in November 2016, SpotOn London. Article titles in the report:

  • Artificial Intelligence applications in scientific publishing
  • Peer review, from the perspective of a frustrated scientist; also available on this blog post
  • The history of peer review, and looking forward to preprints in biomedicine
  • The sustainability of peer review
  • Improving integrity with openness
  • Formal recognition for peer review will propel research forward

Here are a few responses and summaries:
Peer review in 2030: New report hopes it’s faster, more transparent, and more diverse, from Retraction Watch, with comments
Peer Review 2030: New report looks to the future of peer review
The Future Of Peer Review – New Report by BioMed Central and Digital Science #SpotOnReport

About the author

Ruth is a librarian at Washington University for biology, math, history of science; she is also scholarly communications coordinator. Email: Phone: 314-935-4819