ORCiD news, January 2016

Major publishers have committed to requiring ORCiDs in the publishing process for their journals and invite other publishers to do the same. This story was covered in many places this month including ORCiD blog and Publishers embrace scheme to end name confusion, by John Bohannon in Science [15 Jan 2016: Vol. 351, Issue 6270, pp. 213 DOI: 10.1126/science.351.6270.213] Some of the publishers that will require ORCiDs with manuscript submission by the end of 2016 include the American Geophysical Union, eLife, the European Molecular Biology Organization, Hindawi, the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, the Public Library of Science, the Royal Society, the Company of Biologists, and AAAS (the publisher of Science and other journals).

Springer Nature does not require ORCiD for manuscript submission to its journals, however it does request ORCiDs. Springer Nature reports over 200,000 ORCID identifiers in use for journal article submissions as of 1 January 2016.

CrossRef tweeted that they have begun automatic updates of ORCiD records (with permission from authors) for retrospective DOIs; this means 516,000 works of 187,000 authors were going to be updated in January. This is a follow-up to the automatic updates for DOIs from current publications which I blogged about in October. More info about auto-update functionality.

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