Open Scholarship update – July 2016

New bepress Dashboard
bepress recently unveiled the previously announced changes to its administrator Dashboard, which provides usage statistics and visualizations. Administrators can access more detailed reports of the collections you oversee. If you’re not an administrator and want to know the data for a specific department, let me know. One new feature is the ability to share the dashboard, plus the usual emailing of custom reports.

The dashboard allows for filtering by date, discipline, collection/series, publication type, and more. If you want to how many times ETDs with an “Arts and Humanities” discipline have been downloaded, what the top ten institutions are for accessing Law content, or how many items have been downloaded in Australia, then the dashboard is the place to go.

Digital Commons Dashboard  Readership

Screenshot of the new Digital Commons Dashboard

bepress and ORCID
bepress also announced it will be integrating ORCID identifiers into Digital Commons, which is the platform for Open Scholarship. We have already been adding ORCIDs to some faculty publications and to theses and dissertations, but this integration should allow us to do more. Details to follow. 

Dissertation Notifications
Starting with the May 2016 ETDs, doctoral students will now receive an email notification that their dissertation has been added to Open Scholarship. The initial response has been positive. This notification lets graduates know their dissertation is in the repository, confirms their selections, and lets them know about additional resources, including how to submit their data to OS. 

Open Scholarship and SHARE
As you may remember, Open Scholarship is a content provider for SHARE. I recently attended the SHARE meeting and SHARE Curation Associates In-Person Training. One aspect of the program is enhancing metadata and curating digital assets using skills learned in training. Stay tuned for OS enhancements….

The meeting and training took place at the Center for Open Science in Charlottesville, Virginia. Among other initiatives, COS developed and maintains the Open Science Framework to “help researchers manage and archive their research, privately or publicly.” 

If you have questions, contact me or Cynthia Hudson-Vitale, who is a Visiting Program Officer for SHARE.

June 2016 Statistics
OS had 44419 full-text downloads. 357 new submissions were posted. Works were read by 5039 institutions across 184 countries.

* The three most popular papers were
Relief for Beneficiaries Suing for Breach of Fiduciary Duty: Payment of Accounting Costs Before Trial (583 downloads)
Threats and Safeguards in the Determination of Auditor Independence (424 downloads)
Psychiatric Effects of Solitary Confinement (393 downloads) 

* The three most popular collections were
Washington University Law Review (16249 downloads)
All Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) (6471 downloads)
Washington University Journal of Law & Policy (4742 downloads)


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