Open Scholarship Reaches 2 Million Downloads

Do you remember what you were researching on Thursday, April 28? That was the day Open Scholarship had its 2 millionth download!

On that day, approximately 1300 items were downloaded more than 2100 times including

  • theses and dissertations from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, and Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
  • Integrating Cognitive Science with Innovative Teaching in STEM Disciplines, edited by Mark A McDaniel, Regina F Frey, Susan M Fitzpatrick, and Henry L Roediger III
  • journal article reprints by BiologyMath; and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies faculty
  • Memoirs of Aldo Gino Servi, a book recently added to the repository
  • research by Washington University undergraduates
  • technical reports by Computer Science & Engineering faculty
  • articles from one of the Law School’s 6 journals and publications

World map showing number of downloads

Open Scholarship was officially launched in 2012 to support the May 9, 2011 Faculty Senate’s Open Access Resolution to make “scholarship and creative works freely and easily available to the world community.” As an institutional repository for Washington University in St. Louis, it provides a platform for members of and organizations within the Washington University in St. Louis community to make their scholarly and creative works to as wide an audience as possible, providing free and open access wherever possible. The repository hosts faculty research, theses and dissertations, undergraduate work, conferences and events, books, and journals.

Open Scholarship is part of the Digital Commons Network, which brings together open access scholarly papers from hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide.

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