Open Scholarship Highlights: November 2015

Open Scholarship is the repository for Washington University in St. Louis and contains faculty publications, graduate theses and dissertations, undergraduate research, journals, books, and conferences.


ETDs and Library Catalog Update
All ETD records in the library catalog now have a link pointing directly to the resource in Open Scholarship. This is the result of a project coordinated between Scholarly Publishing, Publishing Production Services, and Library Applications Support, which we were able to initiate once DOIs were assigned to all ETDs earlier in the year. Of the 1,976 ETDs in the repository at the time, 1,631 were updated—the remaining 345 were already current. If you missed the December 1 staff meeting and want more information, please let me know.

WUSTL Key Access for Restricted Items
Materials in Open Scholarship that have restricted access can now be accessed from off-campus with a WUSTL Key! This enables our university community to access repository materials remotely and not just from on campus. Kate Sathi helped set this up with bepress. Restricted items will contain a notice at the top of the repository record: This item is accessible only to the Washington University community. Off-Campus WUSTL Users: Click the “Off-Campus Download” button below. You will be prompted to log in using your WUSTL Key.

Materials under embargo will also display a notice at the top of the record:  This item is under embargo and not available online per the author’s request. For access information, please visit

Computer Science & Engineering
Lauren Todd and Emily Stenberg presented at Brick and Click 2015 on theComputer Science and Engineering collection and its role in establishing a large presence for School of Engineering materials in Open Scholarship, includingMechanical Engineering design projects. The project to add CSE reports from previous years is still continuing. 

Journal Hosting
We are expanding our offerings and services for hosting journals. In addition to the Law School’s journals and commentaries, Open Scholarship is also home to the Washington University Journal of American Indian & Alaska Native Health. We are developing new guidelines and workflows for guiding journals and other publications through the process as interest grows. 

October 2015 Statistics
* Open Scholarship had 50560 full-text downloads. 66 new submissions were posted.

* The most popular papers were
Psychiatric Effects of Solitary Confinement (520 downloads) – Journal of Law & Policy
Threats and Safeguards in the Determination of Auditor Independence (496 downloads) – Washington University Law Review
Relief for Beneficiaries Suing for Breach of Fiduciary Duty: Payment of Accounting Costs Before Trial (383 downloads) – Washington University Law Review

* The most popular collections were
Washington University Law Review (18636 downloads)
All Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) (10713 downloads)
Washington University Journal of Law & Policy (6034 downloads)

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