The Open Collection —TOC02.3: Serially Un[Boxed] 

Hannah Weiner, Signal Flag Poems. From S.M.S., no. 3. 1968


The Open Collection —TOC02.3: Serially Un[Boxed]

The Kranzberg Art & Architecture Library Special Collections is a unique repository for rare and hard-to-find art and architecture publications. From limited edition series to out-of-print volumes, the Art Special Collections holdings offer unique access to over 3000 media artifacts. In an effort to make this collection more accessible and visible, The Open Collection is a new exhibit series that looks to unearth and display a curated selection from this trove.

The second edition of The Open Collection TOC02.3: Serially Un[Boxed] —features the third issue of S.M.S. (Shit Must Stop), an experimental art magazine founded in 1968 by William Copley. Delivering unmediated small-scale, meticulously recreated original art reproductions via mail, S.M.S. offered subscribers the experience of contemporary art for a $125 subscription. Six issues were produced, totaling more than seventy works by both unknown and established artists including, Meret Oppenheim, Marcel Duchamp, Christo, Lamont Young, Lil Picard, Bruce Nauman and Yoko Ono. Operating outside of the gallery system, the magazine format enabled a wide demographic (including libraries and their patrons) intimate access to art and released artists from market constraints and institutional agendas.

The Open Collection is a collaborative curatorial project of Jesse Vogler, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, and Jennifer Akins, Subject Librarian for Art and Architecture. Stay tuned each semester for a rotating series that exhibits thematic threads from this incredible archive.

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