Open access week, 2017 and other scholarly communications selected links from Oct. 2017

The official hashtag of Open Access Week is #OAweek. #OpenInOrderTo leads to an online conversation about the benefits of an open system of communicating scholarship. I’ve put a few webinars and other links on the Open Access at Washington University page. I will update with archives as they become available.

Scholarly Publishing Round-Up October 2017, from Becker Medical Library

Oh my! Article retracted because of disagreement about author order. I think the moral to this story is that such things should be discussed and agreed early in the research process, NOT after publication.

OABot launched. Celebrate Open Access Week by adding open citations to Wikipedia. I tried a few and found the suggested links didn’t work, but it’s a great idea and perhaps the tool will be improved. Open access references (whenever possible) in Wikipedia are a great idea!

An obscure copyright law is letting the Internet Archive distribute books published 1923-1941.

Authors Alliance and Creative Commons have launched a new Termination of Transfer tool at “An early analysis by Mike Wolfe estimates that control over more than 2.5 million works may be reclaimed by authors in the United States.” Understanding Rights Reversion from 2015 is a good resource for this too. If WU book authors succeed in having their transferred rights terminated with their publishers and reverted to them, HathiTrust and Open Scholarship are good places to post open access books. Contact or your subject librarian if you have questions.

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