October Springer Physics eBooks

AdS3/CFT2 and Holographic Entanglement Entropy   by  Jie-qiang Wu
Advances in Spectroscopy: Molecules to Materials   by  Dheeraj Kumar Singh, Sourav Das, Arnulf Materny
Black Hole Formation and Growth   by  Tiziana Di Matteo, Andrew King, Neil J. Cornish, Roland Walter, Philippe Jetzer, Lucio Mayer, Nicolas Produit
Chelyabinsk Superbolide   by  Nick Gorkavyi, Alexander Dudorov, Sergey Taskaev
China in Space, 2nd ed.   by  Brian Harvey
Classical and Quantum Physics   by  G. Marmo, David Martín de Diego, Miguel Muñoz Lecanda
Development and Applications of Negative Ion Sources   by  Vadim Dudnikov
Elastoplastic Behavior of Highly Ductile Materials   by  Maosheng Zheng, Zhifu Yin, Haipeng Teng, Jiaojiao Liu, Yi Wang
Hardware Track-Trigger for CMS   by  Thomas Owen James
Higgs Boson Produced With Top Quarks in Fully Hadronic Signatures   by  Daniel Salerno
Ice Worlds of the Solar System   by  Michael Carroll
Invariant Integrals in Physics   by  Genady P. Cherepanov
Ionospheric Multi-Spacecraft Analysis Tools   by  Malcolm Wray Dunlop, Hermann Lühr
Medical Imaging Methods   by  Ashutosh Kumar Shukla
Photoionization Modelling as a Density Diagnostic of Line Emitting/Absorbing Regions in Active Galactic Nuclei   by  Tek Prasad Adhikari
Physical Science Under Microgravity: Experiments on Board the SJ-10 Recoverable Satellite   by  Wenrui Hu, Qi Kang
Physics of Music and Color, 2nd ed.   by  Leon Gunther
Polymer-Mediated Phase Stability of Colloids   by  Álvaro González García
Predictability of Chaotic Dynamics, 2nd ed.   by  Juan C. Vallejo, Miguel A. F. Sanjuan
Progress in Optomechatronic Technologies   by  Amalia Martínez-García, Indrani Bhattacharya, Yukitoshi Otani, Rainer Tutsch
Quality Assured Measurement   by  Leslie Pendrill
Quantitative Mapping of Nanothermal Transport via Scanning Thermal Microscopy   by  Jean Spièce
Rethinking Causality in Quantum Mechanics   by  Christina Giarmatzi
Reviews in Plasmonics 2017   by  Chris D. Geddes
Rocket Science   by  Mark Denny, Alan McFadzean
Search for New Phenomena in Top-Antitop Quarks Final States with Additional Heavy-Flavour Jets with the ATLAS Detector   by  Daiki Yamaguchi
Single Trapped Rydberg Ion   by  Gerard Higgins
Statistical Mechanics   by  A. J. Berlinsky, A. B. Harris
Temporal Network Theory   by  Petter Holme, Jari Saramäki
Theoretical Study of Electron Correlation Driven Superconductivity in Systems with Coexisting Wide and Narrow Bands   by  Daisuke Ogura
Theory of Spinors and Its Application in Physics and Mechanics   by  Vladimir A. Zhelnorovich
Thermodynamics   by  Antonio Saggion, Rossella Faraldo, Matteo Pierno
Turbulence Problem   by  Michael Eckert
Turbulent Heating and Anisotropy in the Solar Wind   by  Victor Montagud-Camps

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