October New Physics Books

The bumpy road : Max Planck from radiation theory to the quantum (1896-1906) / Massimiliano Badino
QC173.98 .B33 2015

Concepts in quantum field theory : a practitioner’s toolkit / Victor Ilisie.
QC174.45 .I45 2016

Cosmological applications of algebraic quantum field theory in curved spacetimes / Thomas-Paul Hack.
QC174.45 .H33 2016

Data analysis in high energy physics : a practical guide to statistical methods / edited by Olaf Behnke, Kevin Kröninger, Grégory Schott, and Thomas Schörner-Sadenius.
QC793.47.S83 D383 2013

The electric theories of J. Clerk Maxwell : a historical and critical study / Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem.
QC518 .D84 2015

Galileo and the equations of motion / Dino Boccaletti.
QC122 .B63 2016

High concentrator photovoltaics : fundamentals, engineering and power plants / Pedro Pérez-Higueras, Eduardo F. Fernández, editors.
TK1087 .H54 2015

Introduction to dynamics / Friedrich Pfeiffer, Thorsten Schindler.
QA845 .P44 2015

Introduction to plasmas and plasma dynamics : with reviews of applications in space propulsion, magnetic fusion, space physics / Thomas M. York, Hai-bin Tang.
QC718 .Y67 2015

Introduction to the theory of soft matter : from ideal gases to liquid crystals / Jonathan V. Selinger.
QC173.458.S62 S45 2016

Models of life : dynamics and regulation in biological systems / Kim Sneppen, Niels Bohr Institute and Center for Models of Life, Copenhagen University, Denmark.
QH323.5 .S62 2014

More physics with MATLAB / Dan Green.
QC20 .G743 2015

Optical design using Excel : practical calculations for laser optical systems / Hiroshi Nakajima.
QC355.3 .N35 2015

Particle accelerator physics / Helmut Wiedemann.
QC793.3.B4 W54 2015

Pulsed electrical discharges for medicine and biology : techniques, processes, applications / Victor Kolikov, Philip Rutberg.
QC701 .K66 2015

Rational extended thermodynamics beyond the monoatomic gas / Tommaso Ruggeri, Masaru Sugiyama.
QC311 .R84 2015

Relativistic quantum mechanics / Lawrence P. Horwitz.
QC174.25.R4 H67 2015

Resonant tunneling : quantum waveguides of variable cross-section, asymptotics, numerics, and applications / Lev Baskin, Pekka Neittaanmäki, Boris Plamenevskii, Oleg Sarafanov.
QC176.8.T8 B37 2015

Schwinger’s quantum action principle : from Dirac’s formulation through feynman’s path integrals, the Schwinger-Keldysh Method, quantum field theory, to source theory / Kimball A. Milton
QC174.45 .M55 2015

Scientific foundations of engineering / Stephen W. McKnight, Northeastern University, Christos Zahopoulos, Northeastern University.
QC23.2 .M385 2015

Statistical mechanics and applications in condensed matter / Carlo Di Castro, Roberto Raimondi.
QC174.8 .D5 2015

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Alison Verbeck is the Physics Librarian at Washington University. For more information, contact Alison: alison@wustl.edu