October New Physics Books

Asteroseismic data analysis: foundations and techniques / Sarbani Basu and William J. Chaplin.
QB812 .B37 2017

Computational physics : simulation of classical and quantum systems / Philipp O.J. Scherer.
QC20 .S34 2017

Electromagnetic wave propagation, radiation, and scattering / Akira Ishimaru.
QC665.T7 I83 2017

Fluctuating nonlinear oscillators : from nanomechanics to quantum superconducting circuits / edited by Mark Dykman.
TK7872.O7 F59 2012

Global formulations of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian dynamics on manifolds : a geometric approach to modeling and analysis / Taeyoung Lee, Melvin Leok, N. Harris McClamroch.
QA845 .L4 2017

Introduction to accelerator dynamics / Stephen Peggs, Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York ; Todd Satogata, Jefferson Lab.
QC787.P3 P44 2017

Low-angle polarized neutron and x-ray scattering from magnetic nanolayers and nanostructures / Amitesh Paul.
QC794.6.S3 P38 2017

A primer on string theory / Volker Schomerus, Deutsches Elektronen-Sychrotron (DESY) Hamburg.
QC794.6.S85 S35 2017

Supernova explosions / David Branch, J. Craig Wheeler.
QB843.S95 B73 2017

There is no theory of everything : a physics perspective on emergence / Lars Q. English.
QC6 .E54 2017

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