October Math Print Books

Algebraic and geometric ideas in the theory of discrete optimization / Jesús A. De Loera, Raymond Hemmecke, Matthias Köppe.
QA167 .D43 2013

Almost periodic and almost automorphic solutions to integro-differential equations / Marko Kostić.
QA353.A9 K67 2019

The art of statistics : how to learn from data / David Spiegelhalter.
QA276.12 .S67 2019

Aspects of differential geometry IV / Esteban Calviño-Louzao, Eduardo García-Río, Peter Gilkey, JeongHyeong Park, Ramón Vázquez-Lorenzo.
QA641 .C252 2019

Clinical trials : a methodologic perspective / Steven Piantadosi.
R853.C55 P53 2017

Complex Analysis : Theory and Applications / Teodor Bulboacǎ, Santosh B. Joshi, Pranay Goswami.
QA377 .B84 2019

Concentration inequalities : a nonasymptotic theory of independence / by Stéphane Boucheron, Gábor Lugosi, Pascal Massart.
QA273 .B84 2013

Dirichlet space and related function spaces / Nicola Arcozzi, Richard Rochberg, Eric T. Sawyer, Brett D. Wick.
QA323 .D55 2019

Do dice play God? : the mathematics of uncertainty / Ian Stewart.
QA273 .S74 2019

A first journey through logic / Martin Hils, François Loeser.
QA9 .H52445 2019

Game theory and partial differential equations / Pablo Blanc, Julio Daniel Rossi.
QA377 .B53 2019

Graphs and geometry / László Lovász.
QA90 .L5885 2019

Hardy inequalities on homogeneous groups : 100 years of Hardy inequalities / Michael Ruzhansky, Durvudkhan Suragan.
QA387 .R89 2019

An invitation to model theory / Jonathan Kirby.
QA9.7 .K57 2019

Justification logic : reasoning with reasons / Sergei Artemov, Melvin Fitting.
QA9 .A78 2019

Lectures on field theory and topology / Daniel S. Freed.
QA612 .F744 2019

Martingales in banach spaces / Gilles Pisier.
QA274.5 .P57 2016

Mathematical theory of scattering resonances / Semyon Dyatlov, Maciej Zworksi.
QA329 .D93 2019

Morse index of solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations / Lucio Damascelli, Filomena Pacella.
QA377 .D36 2019

Optimal design of experiments / Friedrich Pukelsheim.
QA279 .P85 2006

Parabolic equations with irregular data and related issues : applications to stochastic differential equations / Claude Le Bris, Pierre-Louis Lions.
QA377 .L43 2019

Perfectoid spaces : lectures from the 2017 Arizona Winter School / Bhargav Bhatt [and 3 others] ; with an introduction by Peter Scholze ; Bryden Cais, editor.
QA247 .A75 2017

Quantum field theory : Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism and its applications / Pavel Mnev.
QC174.45 .M635 2019

The random matrix theory of the classical compact groups / Elizabeth S. Meckes.
QA196.5 .M43 2019

Riemann-Stieltjes integral inequalities for complex functions defined on unit circle : with applications to unitary operators in Hilbert spaces / Silvestru Sever Dragomir.
QA295 .D736 2020

Solving ordinary differential equations / E. Hairer, S.P. Nørsett, G. Wanner.
QA372 .H16 2000

A tool kit for groupoid C*-algebras / Dana P. Williams.
QA36 .W55 2019

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