October and November 2018 New Books List

The EPS Library acquired the following new materials in October and November of 2018:

October 2018

  • Coral Reefs: Tourism, Conservation and Management, edited by Bruce Prideaux and Anja Pabel. GB 461 C68 2018
  • Geology And Geomorphology Of Alluvial And Fluvial Fans: Terrestrial And Planetary Perspectives, edited by D. Ventra and L.E. Clarke. GB 561 G465 2018
  • Water, Creativity and Meaning: Multidisciplinary Understandings of Human-Water Relationships, edited by Liz Roberts and Katherine Phillips. GB 665 W287 2018
  • Planetary Habitability and Stellar Activity, by Arnold Hanslmeier. QB 820 H363 2018
  • The Exoplanet Handbook, 2nd edition, by M.A.C. Perryman. QB 820 P47 2018
  • One of Ten Billion Earths: How We Learn About Our Planet is Past and Future from Distant Exoplanets, 1st edition, by Karel. Schrijver. QB 820 S34 2018
  • Characterization Of Ore-forming Systems from Geological, Geochemical and Geophysical Studies, edited by K. Gessner et. al. QE 390 C42 2018
  • Clays in the Critical Zone, by Paul A. Schroeder. QE 389.625 S285 2018
  • Waves and Rays in Seismology: Answers to Unasked Questions, 2nd edition, by Michael A. Slawinski. QE538.5 S64
  • Petroleum Geology of the Black Sea, edited by M.D. Simmons, G.C. Tari, and A.I. Okay. TN875 P47 2018
  • [Reference] Directory of Geoscience Departments. REF QE 23 D57 2018 53
  • [Reference] The Geoscience Handbook 2016: AGI Data Sheets, 5th edition, edited by Mark B. Carpenter and Christopher M. Keane. REF QE52 G46 2016

November 2018

  • Time Geography In The Global Context: An Anthology, edited by Kajsa Ellegard. G70.23 T55 2019
  • Volatiles in the Martian Crust, edited by Justin Filiberto and Susanne P. Schwenzer. QB643 G46 F482 2019
  • Dynamic Mars: Recent Landscape Evolution on the Red Planet, by Richard J. Soare. QB643 G46 S676 2018

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