October 2017 New Books List

The EPS Library acquired the following materials in October of 2017:

  • Cataclysms: a new geology for the 21st century, by Michael Rampino. GB 5014 R355 2017
  • GIS technology applications in environmental and earth sciences, by Bai Tian. GE 45 R44 T53 2017
  • Origins of the Earth, Moon, and life: an interdisciplinary approach, by Akio Makishima. QB 632 M35 2017
  • Neurobiological background of exploration geosciences: new methods for data analysis based on cognitive data, by Paolo Dell’Aversana. QE 33 D45 2017
  • 52 things you should know about rock physics, edited by Matt Hall and Evan Bianco. QE 431.5 A14 2016
  • Geochemistry and geophysics of active volcanic lakes, edited by T. Ohba, et al. QE 528 G46 2017
  • Earthquake occurrence: short- and long-term models and their validation, by Rodolfo Console. QE 534.3 C66 2017
  • Seismic data interpretation using digital image processing, by Abdullatif Abdulrahman Al-Shuhail. TN 269.84 A 425 2017

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