November Springer Physics eBooks

16th Conference on Flavor Physics and CP Violation   by  Anjan Giri, Rukmani Mohanta
Advances in Open Systems and Fundamental Tests of Quantum Mechanics   by  Bassano Vacchini, Heinz-Peter Breuer, Angelo Bassi
Boundary Physics and Bulk-Boundary Correspondence in Topological Phases of Matter   by  Abhijeet Alase
Category Theory in Physics, Mathematics, and Philosophy   by  Marek Kuś, Bartłomiej Skowron
Conductors, Semiconductors, Superconductors, 3rd ed.   by  Rudolf P. Huebener
Cosmological Probes of Light Relics   by  Benjamin Wallisch
Data Mining in Structural Dynamic Analysis   by  Yun Lai Zhou, Magd Abdel Wahab, Nuno M. M. Maia, Linya Liu, Elói Figueiredo
Determinism and Self-Organization of Human Perception and Performance   by  Till Frank
DIY MEMS   by  Deborah Munro
Electronic Filters   by  Vančo Litovski
Event Classification in Liquid Scintillator Using PMT Hit Patterns   by  Jack Dunger
Exploring Science Through Science Fiction, 2nd ed.   by  Barry B. Luokkala
From Cave Art to Hubble   by  Jonathan Powell
Fundamentals of Spin Exchange   by  Kev M. Salikhov
Gas Turbine Design, Components and System Design Integration, 2nd ed.   by  Meinhard T. Schobeiri
Gravitation   by  Pierre Fleury
Handbook of Laser Micro- and Nano-Engineering   by  Koji Sugioka
Heavy Ion Reactions at Low Energies   by  Valery Zagrebaev, Andrey Denikin, Alexander Karpov, Neil Rowley
How Cosmologists Explain the Universe to Friends and Family   by  Karim A. Malik, David R. Matravers
Illuminating Dark Matter   by  Rouven Essig, Jonathan Feng, Kathryn Zurek
Laser Heat-Mode Lithography   by  Jingsong Wei
Learning the Physics of Einstein with Georges Lemaître   by  Georges Lemaître, Jan Govaerts, Jean-François Stoffel
Levees and Dams   by  Juan Lorenzo, William Doll
Lyman-alpha as an Astrophysical and Cosmological Tool   by  Mark Dijkstra, J. Xavier Prochaska, Masami Ouchi, Matthew Hayes, Anne Verhamme, Pierre North, Sebastiano Cantalupo, Hakim Atek
Mathematics of Quantum Computing   by  Wolfgang Scherer
Navier-Stokes Turbulence   by  Wolfgang Kollmann
Near-Field-Mediated Photon–Electron Interactions   by  Nahid Talebi
Nico Bloembergen   by  Rob Herber
On Art and Science   by  Shyam Wuppuluri, Dali Wu
Parabolic Wave Equations with Applications   by  Michael D. Collins, William L. Siegmann
Physical Optics   by  Giovanni Giusfredi
Plasma Catalysis   by  Xin Tu, J. Christopher Whitehead, Tomohiro Nozaki
Pocket Guide to Rheology: A Concise Overview and Test Prep for Engineering Students   by  Xian Wen Ng
Precision Measurements to Test the Standard Model and for Explosive Nuclear Astrophysics   by  Adrian A. Valverde
Quantum Physics   by  Arno Bohm, Piotr Kielanowski, G. Bruce Mainland
Relativity: A Journey Through Warped Space and Time   by  Daniel R. Mayerson, Anthony M. Charles, Joseph E. Golec
Saint Joan of New York   by  Mark Alpert
Selected Special Functions for Fundamental Physics   by  Valeriya Akhmedova, Emil T. Akhmedov
Social Simulation for a Digital Society   by  Diane Payne, Johan A. Elkink, Nial Friel, Thomas U. Grund, Tamara Hochstrasser, Pablo Lucas, Adrian Ottewill
Solved Problems in Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics   by  Gregor Skačej, Primož Ziherl
Special Relativity, 2nd ed.   by  Michael Tsamparlis
Theory of Thermodynamic Measurements of Quantum Systems Far from Equilibrium   by  Abhay Shastry
Thomas-Fermi Model for Mesons and Noise Subtraction Techniques in Lattice QCD   by  Suman Baral
Transport Processes Primer   by  Constantine Pozrikidis
Trigger Effects in Geosystems   by  Gevorg Kocharyan, Andrey Lyakhov

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