November Springer eBooks

Aspects of WIMP Dark Matter Searches at Colliders and Other Probes  by  Enrico Morgante
Beginner’s Guide to Flux Crystal Growth  by  Makoto Tachibana
Building and Using Binoscopes, 2nd ed.  by  Norman Butler
Circuit Cavity QED with Macroscopic Solid-State Spin Ensembles  by  Stefan Putz
Evanescent Waves in Optics  by  Mario Bertolotti, Concita Sibilia, Angela M. Guzman
Formulation of Statistical Mechanics Based on Thermal Pure Quantum States  by  Sho Sugiura
Four Pillars of Radio Astronomy: Mills, Christiansen, Wild, Bracewell  by  R.H. Frater, W.M. Goss, H.W. Wendt
Generalized Dynamics of Soft-Matter Quasicrystals  by  Tian-You Fan
Giovanni Domenico Cassini  by  Gabriella Bernardi
Growth of High Permittivity Dielectrics by High Pressure Sputtering from Metallic Targets  by  María Ángela Pampillón Arce
High-Fidelity Quantum Logic in Ca+  by  Christopher J. Ballance
Human Body and Weightlessness  by  William Thornton, Frederick Bonato
Lattice QCD Study for the Relation Between Confinement and Chiral Symmetry Breaking  by  Takahiro Doi
Nature of Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies  by  William Cowley
Plasma Science and Technology for Emerging Economies  by  Rajdeep Singh Rawat
Quantization, Geometry and Noncommutative Structures in Mathematics and Physics  by  Alexander Cardona, Pedro Morales, Hernán Ocampo, Sylvie Paycha, Andrés F. Reyes Lega
Quantum Mechanics and Electrodynamics  by  Jaroslav Zamastil, Jakub Benda
Quantum Sense and Nonsense  by  Jean Bricmont
Raman Fiber Lasers  by  Yan Feng
Science of Time 2016  by  Elisa Felicitas Arias, Ludwig Combrinck, Pavel Gabor, Catherine Hohenkerk, P. Kenneth Seidelmann
Searching for New Physics in b → sℓ+ℓ− Transitions at the LHCb Experiment  by  Luca Pescatore
Secular Evolution of Self-Gravitating Systems Over Cosmic Age  by  Jean-Baptiste Fouvry
Skyrmions in Condensed Matter  by  Jung Hoon Han
Spin Physics in Semiconductors, 2nd ed.  by  Mikhail I. Dyakonov
Statistical Methods for Data Analysis in Particle Physics, 2nd ed.  by  Luca Lista
Structure and Evolution of the Sun  by  Giuseppe Severino
Theoretical Modeling of Epitaxial Graphene Growth on the Ir(111) Surface  by  Holly Alexandra Tetlow
Thermoacoustics, 2nd ed.  by  Gregory W. Swift

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