November Math Books

Advances in Dynamic Games   by  David M. Ramsey, Jérôme Renault
Advances in Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations   by  Vladimir Georgiev, Tohru Ozawa, Michael Ruzhansky, Jens Wirth
Alfonso’s Rectifying the Curved   by  Ruth Glasner, Avinoam Baraness
Applications of Mathematics and Informatics in Natural Sciences and Engineering   by  George Jaiani, David Natroshvili
Arithmetic Geometry of Logarithmic Pairs and Hyperbolicity of Moduli Spaces   by  Marc-Hubert Nicole
Arithmetic Tales, 2nd ed.   by  Olivier Bordellès
Audit Analytics   by  J. Christopher Westland
Bilevel Optimization   by  Stephan Dempe, Alain Zemkoho
Combinatorics and Finite Geometry   by  Steven T. Dougherty
Complex Analysis with Applications to Number Theory   by  Tarlok Nath Shorey
Computational Diffusion MRI   by  Elisenda Bonet-Carne, Jana Hutter, Marco Palombo, Marco Pizzolato, Farshid Sepehrband, Fan Zhang
Computational Mathematics and Applications   by  Dia Zeidan, Seshadev Padhi, Aliaa Burqan, Peer Ueberholz
Contact Tracing in Post-Covid World   by  Pranab Chakraborty, Subhamoy Maitra, Mridul Nandi, Suprita Talnikar
Contemporary Approaches and Methods in Fundamental Mathematics and Mechanics   by  Victor A. Sadovnichiy, Michael Z. Zgurovsky
Continuous-Time Markov Decision Processes   by  Alexey Piunovskiy, Yi Zhang
Data Science and Social Research II   by  Paolo Mariani, Mariangela Zenga
Direct and Inverse Finite-Dimensional Spectral Problems on Graphs   by  Manfred Möller, Vyacheslav Pivovarchik
Discrete Mathematics and Applications   by  Andrei M. Raigorodskii, Michael Th. Rassias
Effective Statistical Learning Methods for Actuaries II   by  Michel Denuit, Donatien Hainaut, Julien Trufin
Essentials of Integration Theory for Analysis, 2nd ed.   by  Daniel W. Stroock
Excel 2019 for Health Services Management Statistics, 2nd ed.   by  Thomas J. Quirk, Simone M. Cummings
Exercises in Numerical Linear Algebra and Matrix Factorizations   by  Tom Lyche, Georg Muntingh, Øyvind Ryan
Fashion Recommender Systems   by  Nima Dokoohaki
First Course in Linear Models and Design of Experiments   by  N. R. Mohan Madhyastha, S. Ravi, A. S. Praveena
Frontiers in Analysis and Probability   by  Nalini Anantharaman, Ashkan Nikeghbali, Michael Th. Rassias
Frontiers of Dynamic Games   by  Leon A. Petrosyan, Vladimir V. Mazalov, Nikolay A. Zenkevich
Generalized Fourier Series Method   by  Christian Constanda, Dale Doty
Geometry and Analysis of Metric Spaces via Weighted Partitions   by  Jun Kigami
Hyperbolic Knot Theory by Jessica S. Purcell.
Introduction to Element-Based Galerkin Methods on Tensor-Product Bases   by  Francis X. Giraldo
Landscapes of Time-Frequency Analysis   by  Paolo Boggiatto, Tommaso Bruno, Elena Cordero, Hans G. Feichtinger, Fabio Nicola, Alessandro Oliaro, Anita Tabacco, Maria Vallarino
Linear Differential Equations in the Complex Domain   by  Yoshishige Haraoka
Linear Model Theory   by  Dale L. Zimmerman
Linear Model Theory   by  Dale L. Zimmerman
Materials Phase Change PDE Control & Estimation   by  Shumon Koga, Miroslav Krstic
Mathematics and Its History   by  John Stillwell
Methods and Applications of Sample Size Calculation and Recalculation in Clinical Trials   by  Meinhard Kieser
Modeling Excitable Tissue   by  Aslak Tveito, Kent-Andre Mardal, Marie E. Rognes
Modern Trends in Fuzzy Graph Theory   by  Madhumangal Pal, Sovan Samanta, Ganesh Ghorai
Modular Forms and Related Topics in Number Theory   by  B. Ramakrishnan, Bernhard Heim, Brundaban Sahu
Nonlinear Analysis, Geometry and Applications   by  Diaraf Seck, Kinvi Kangni, Philibert Nang, Marie Salomon Sambou
Nonparametric Statistics   by  Michele La Rocca, Brunero Liseo, Luigi Salmaso
Optimization and Applications   by  Nicholas Olenev, Yuri Evtushenko, Michael Khachay, Vlasta Malkova
Probability Theory, 3rd ed.   by  Achim Klenke
Projected Subgradient Algorithm in Convex Optimization   by  Alexander J. Zaslavski
Proving It Her Way   by  David E. Rowe, Mechthild Koreuber
Python for Marketing Research and Analytics   by  Jason S. Schwarz, Chris Chapman, Elea McDonnell Feit
Random Fields of Piezoelectricity and Piezomagnetism   by  Anatoliy Malyarenko, Martin Ostoja-Starzewski, Amirhossein Amiri-Hezaveh
Riemannian Manifolds and Homogeneous Geodesics   by  Valerii Berestovskii, Yurii Nikonorov
Singular Spectrum Analysis for Time Series, 2nd ed.   by  Nina Golyandina, Anatoly Zhigljavsky
Spectral Theory and Mathematical Physics   by  Pablo Miranda, Nicolas Popoff, Georgi Raikov
Text Analytics   by  Domenica Fioredistella Iezzi, Damon Mayaffre, Michelangelo Misuraca
Theory and Applications of Time Series Analysis   by  Olga Valenzuela, Fernando Rojas, Luis Javier Herrera, Héctor Pomares, Ignacio Rojas
Time-Fractional Differential Equations   by  Adam Kubica, Katarzyna Ryszewska, Masahiro Yamamoto
Topology of Infinite-Dimensional Manifolds   by  Katsuro Sakai
Views on Microstructures in Granular Materials   by  Pasquale Giovine, Paolo Maria Mariano, Giuseppe Mortara

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