November and December 2017 New Books List

The EPS Library acquired the following new materials in November and December of 2017:

December 2017

  • Geohazards In Indonesia: Earth Science for Disaster Risk Reduction, edited by P.R. Cummins, et al. HV 551.5 I 5 G 46 2017
  • Remote and Robotic Investigations of the Solar System, by C.R Kitchin. QB 501 K 62 2018
  • Exoplanets: Diamonds Worlds, Super-Earths, Pulsar Planets, and the New Search for Life beyond Our Solar System, by Michael E. Summers. QB 820 .S86 2017
  • Putting the Genie Back: Solving the Climate and Energy Dilemma, by David Hone. QC 903 .H664 2017
  • The Oceans: A Deep History, by Eelco J. Rohling. QE 39.5 .P 25 .R 64 2017
  • Crustal Evolution of India and Antarctica: The Supercontinent Connection, edited by N.C. Pant and S. Dasgupta. QE 295 C88 2017
  • Geological Evolution Of Central Asian Basins and the Western Tien Shan Range, edited by M.F Brunet, et al. QE 315 G46 2017
  • The NE Atlantic Region: A Reappraisal Of Crustal Structure, Tectonostratigraphy, and Magnetic Evolution, edited by G. Peron-Pinvidic, et al. QE 350.22 N 65 N 4 2017
  • Processes and Ore Deposits of Ultramafic-Mafic Magmas through Space and Time, edited by Sisir K. Mondal and William L. Griffin. QE 390 P 763 2018
  • Geomechanical And Petrophysical Properties Of Mudrocks, edited by E.H. Rutter, et al. QE 471.15 M83 G46 2017
  • Sediment Routing Systems: The Fate of Sediment from Source to Sink, by P.A Allen. QE 471.2 A 43 2017
  • The Geometry and Growth Of Normal Faults, edited by C. Childs, et al. QE 606 G 466 2017
  • Tectonic Evolution of the Eastern Black Sea And Caucasus, edited by M. Sosson, et al. QE 633 B 53 T 43 2017
  • Topics in Reservoir Management, by Deryck Bond, et al. TN 870.57 .M84 2018

November 2017

  • New Lines: Critical GIS and the Trouble of the Map, by Matthew Wilson. G 70.212 W55 2017
  • Sea Ice Analysis and Forecasting: Towards an Increased Reliance on Automated Prediction Systems, edited by Tom Carrieres, et al. GB 2405 S43 2017
  • Earth and Human Activity: Earth Science Week, edited by American Geosciences Institute. QE 40 E27 2017
  • Clays in the Minerals Processing Value Chain, edited by Markus Grafe, et al. QE 471.3 C536 2017
  • Dawn-Dusk Asymmetries in Planetary Plasma Environments, edited by Stein Haaland, et al. QE 500 A5 230
  • Landslide Risk: Assessment, Management and Reduction, edited by Valentina Svalova. QE 599.2 L34 2017
  • Geomechanics and Geology, edited by J.P. Turner, et al. TN 870.56 G466 2017

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