New Exhibit: NNP Black History Month 2017

American slave badge. Charleston 1860.

To honor Black History Month 2017, Newman Numismatic Portal contributor John Kraljevich wrote one Facebook post every day in February reflecting on aspects of African-American history in relation to American monetary history.  These posts have been reworked into a digital exhibit, “John Kraljevich on Facebook: Black History Month 2017.”

The exhibit features items spanning centuries, from the mid 1800s to the 1960s.  One post focuses on an american slave badge from 1860, which was worn by enslaved persons to indicate that the slaveholder had paid taxes on that person and could hire them out to others.

Handbill depicting Dick Gregory. 1968.

On February 19, Kraljevich wrote about a  handbill distributed for the 1968 presidential election, when Dick Gregory ran for president as a member of the Peace and Freedom Party. The handbill was made to look like a one dollar bill with Gregory’s face in place of George Washington’s.

As Kraljevich writes, diving into these lesser known items in numismatic and African-American history gives us a chance to “take the opportunity to learn some stories of heroism that didn’t appear in your textbooks growing up.”

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