News and notes for math, October 2017

New North Entrance to Olin Library Opens November 1

American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America Announce AMS Acquisition of MAA Book Program.

In case you missed the Teaching Center announcement, Diane Bunce, PhD, a chemical education researcher, will give a talk, Using Research to Change Our Perception of the Average Student, Wednesday, November 8th, 4:00 pm, Wilson 214.

New general science open access journal: Knowable Magazine “explores the real-world significance of scholarly work through a journalistic lens. We report on the current state of play across a wide variety of fields — from agriculture to high-energy physics; biochemistry to water security; the origins of the universe to psychology.” It is published by Annual Reviews with support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

From Scholarly Communications @ WU Libraries in October, 2017:

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