News and notes for math, November 2016 including several journal backfile sources

Journal news:

If you read Tim Gowers’ blog regularly, you’ve already seen this, but just in case you don’t, I thought this post was worth sharing: Time for Elsexit? about UK’s JISC negotiations for Elsevier. FYI WU does not have such a big deal with Elsevier; we subscribe only to certain titles and have limited ability to cancel some each year; but we do have experience trying to negotiate with them and not finding good ways to lower costs, etc. I have heard faculty complain about the library’s inability to negotiate better prices; although all the JISC details are not available, I don’t think we do such a bad job considering that a consortium for all of UK does not appear to have done a better job.

Early each calendar year, ejournal access problems sometime occur; these are often related to publisher changes or failures in renewals or invoicing. The sooner we hear about them, the sooner they can be fixed. Please report a problem with an ejournal or online resource when you run into such problems.

Expect my next update about Feb. 1, 2017; December 2016 and January 2017, will be combined.

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