News and notes for math, July 2017

Olin Library North Door: Update Aug. 14: The north entrance is not anticipated to open until sometime in mid- to late-October. During some of August, access to Olin Library will be limited to a path on the northeast side of the building. If you are coming from the west, you will need to walk all the way around the south construction fence of Olin Library and enter from the northeast side. The book return on the south side can still be used but the south entrance will be closed. Please check What’s New for dates and details as they become available.

“New” open access journal: Algebraic Combinatorics is expected soon growing out of Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics. [We do not currently subscribe to Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics although we do have access through 2016.] Timothy Gowers reports this story and comments on other aspects of math journal publishing in Another journal flips. Another post about this: Flipping subscription journals to OA: Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics.

Announcing some New E-Resources at WU Libraries:
These are the math titles included in the the JSTOR added collections:
Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics 1956-2016
Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics 1987-2013
Buletin ştiinţific – Institutul de Învăţământ Superior din Baia Mare. Seria B, Matematică, fizică-chimie, biologie-geologie 1969-1980
Bulletin (Académie serbe des sciences et des arts. Classe des sciences mathématiques et naturelles. Sciences mathématiques) 1952-2013
Bulletin mathématique de la Société des Sciences Mathématiques de Roumanie 1892-2013
Carpathian Journal of Mathematics 1991-2016
Filomat 1987-2016
Indiana University Mathematics Journal 1952-2013
Journal of Computational Mathematics 1983-2011
Journal of Operator Theory 1979-2011
Mathematica Scandinavica 1859-2011
Nordisk Matematisk Tidskrift 1859-1978
Pi Mu Epsilon Journal 1949-2011
Publicacions Matemàtiques 1976-2012
Quarterly of Applied Mathematics 1943-2011
Statistica Sinica 1991-2015
Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics 1973-2015
Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics 1930-2011

Author “shocked” after top math journal retracts paper, story about a retraction from Annals of Mathematics.

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