News and notes for math, Feb. 2018

Healthy funds remain in the math book budget so if there are books you wish we had, please send them to Ruth The deadline for fy18 orders in May 4th. Ordering new journal subscriptions is more complicated but I still need to hear if there are titles you needs so we can begin to figure out how to add them.

Inside Science Resources, a column for academic science librarians, has a recent issue on Understanding LaTex. I just thought I’d share in case this basic coverage is useful to other beginners.

This primarily discusses what is important enough to be included in Wikipedia, but I thought you might find it interesting because of the discussion of women in mathematics: The Erdős paradox: When a mathematical number and Wikipedia collide; it’s a commentary about this article on The Medium Who’s Important? A tale from Wikipedia.

From Scholarly Communications @ WU Libraries Feb. 2018:

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