News and notes for math, April 2016 – Gowers interview, arXiv, linking to Mathscinet, and more

Recommended reading: The Open Access Interviews: Sir Timothy Gowers, Mathematician – the interview is 11 page pdf with a 7 page introduction so you may want to set aside a little time to read or browse. I found it very interesting as it ranges across involvement in the Polymath project, Elsevier boycott, launching of Discrete Analysis, involvement with Forum of Mathematics, ideas about impact factor, APCs for open access, open peer review and more.

Another interesting idea for the future of math articles: What if you could peer review the arXiv? has pretty much the whole of arXiv on their site and it is set up for comments. You can even get “credit” for your review work when you sign in with your ORCiD. if you consider posting on arXiv as publication, you would call this post-publication peer review I guess.

I’m not sure how many WU folks use MathOverflow, a q&a site for professional mathematicians, or edit math articles in Wikipedia, but it seemed like it is worth calling attention to this blog post which talks about adding MathSciNet references for MathOverflow and links to procedures for Wikipedia: MathOverflow and MathSciNet.

Take the arXiv User survey if you haven’t already. “Dear arXiv User, As an open-access site, arXiv serves people like you all over the world and your opinion counts. Please complete this questionnaire to help us improve arXiv and think of future directions for the service in a way that best serves users like you. The survey has four sections, and will take about 10 minutes to complete. We do not collect any information that can identify you and we will share only a summary of the results. Thank you! Cornell University Library arXiv Team”

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