News and notes for history of science-medicine-technology, Feb.-Mar. 2016

Are there books the library needs to buy? Our FY16 book budget still has some money remaining. All orders need to be placed before May 2, 2016. So if you have been holding book requests, NOW is the time to send them to Ruth [] so they can be acquired with fy16 funds. We still don’t know if there will be a budget for history of science for fy17.

Are there journals the library needs to buy? New subscriptions are a bigger commitment so no guarantees but please do let Ruth know if there are important titles needed for WU curriculum or research needs.

Serials Review 2017: All the disciplines in the libraries are reviewing subscriptions and continuations (non-book acquisitions) in order to cut 3%. This may help us keep up with journal price increases and ensure that we are spending library dollars most efficiently. The decision deadline this year is April 15th. Ruth has been communicating via email with several scholars at WU who are interested in the history of science and medicine. If you would like to be included in that discussion, please email to be added to the list. Thank you.

Posts on Scholarly Communications @ WU Libraries from February and March:

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