News and notes for biology, August 2016

WELCOME!! If you are new to WU or working with someone who is new to WU, please pass along my name and contact information for help with anything about library services or resources. See also Biology library guide and New folks in biology and math guide Ruth Lewis 314-935-4819 Thank you!

Library connections for courses? If you are are teaching or TAing a course where students need to use the library independently (often this would be for writing a research paper), I would love to help. Contact me and we can discuss what might work best. Possibilities include a customized guide for the assignment, a class meeting in a computer lab, or giving my contact information to students to use as needed.

Altmetrics A Guide to Using Altmetric Data in your NIH Biosketch CV. “Showcasing the value of your previous work to funders is becoming increasingly important. They want to see what the broader impacts of your research are, how you’ve engaged with different audiences, and to gather as much context as possible in relation to the grant you are applying for. Making use of Altmetric (and other) tools and selecting highlights to include in your personal summary can help support your case.” This handout is part of a new What are Altmetrics site.

WU Libraries news In case you missed this news, the libraries are under new leadership with a Search Committee Formed for University Librarian Position. If you have any concerns, please ask.

A new book scanner is now available in Olin Library; bring a USB drive to save your scans. More info: KIC Bookeye Scanner.

Are you interested in e-notebooks? We have access to Perkin-Elmers E-Notebook for Biology system. It is part of a resource paid by the chemistry library. If you are interested in additional information so you can try this out, please contact Ruth Lewis.

Structured methods session for Cell Cell will begin using the Structured, Transparent, Accessible Reporting (STAR) structure for methods sections in the August 25 issue. They will add this structure to other Cell Press journals in the coming months.

A reason to use Excel with care! Gene name errors are widespread in the scientific literature Genome Biology 17:177 DOI: 10.1186/s13059-016-1044-7. Excel automatically inserts dates, etc., for some gene names and these errors have been found in the published literature.

Applying for a grant and need boilerplate information about WU Libraries? See Libraries Boilerplate for Grants on WUSTL Institutional Data page.

— Upcoming classes and events —

Several Research & Tech Workshops are scheduled this fall in Olin Library. More information and registration available at

NIH Public Access Policy/ NIH Biosketch Also there are some sessions about NIH Public Access Policy and Biosketch scheduled at the medical campus. Please preregister at the link. If you are interested in sessions for your group on the Danforth Campus, please let Ruth know.

Communicating Science Symposium Also at the medical campus, check out the Washington University sessions at the Communicating Science 2016 symposium, Sept.26-29. Preregistration required.

The Genomics in Medicine series continues this year Wednesdays at 4 pm at the medical campus. More information at

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