News and notes for biology, April 2016

New open access journal from Springer: Energy, Ecology and Environment, Feb. 2016+

Biodiversity Heritage Library: the year long celebration of the 10th anniversary of Biodiversity Heritage Library was kicked off this month. #BHLat10 on twitter is a way to follow some of the announcements. I learned a few things reviewing their services and tools pages. Did you know you may comment on books in the BHL?

Take the arXiv User survey if you haven’t already. “Dear arXiv User, As an open-access site, arXiv serves people like you all over the world and your opinion counts. Please complete this questionnaire to help us improve arXiv and think of future directions for the service in a way that best serves users like you. The survey has four sections, and will take about 10 minutes to complete. We do not collect any information that can identify you and we will share only a summary of the results. Thank you! Cornell University Library arXiv Team”

Of possible interest: Webinar: Submitting BioSample Data to NCBI – 44 minutes. BioSample submission is required as part of data deposit to several NCBI primary data archives including Sequence Read Archive SRA, Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly Sequence Database TSA and Whole Genome Shotgun Submissions WGS. Also available: BioSample Submission FAQ

Readers of this blog know I’m a fairly faithful reader of Retraction Watch. I thought this post about a recent retraction from Evolution might interest some biofolk: Biologist critiques own paper, journal retracts it — against her wishes; “The case raises important questions about when retractions are appropriate, and whether they can have a chilling effect on scientific discourse.” Follow-up post: Why that Evolution paper should never have been retracted: A reviewer speaks out

Posts on Scholarly Communications @ WU Libraries from April:

The Olin Library Transformation Project will begin in May with vending machines moved to Ginkgo Room and Whispers closing. When you have questions throughout the project, please ask or check the page

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