News and notes for math folks from January, 2016

Interesting item in Inside Higher Education: Russia’s Math Diaspora Mathematicians may have left their mother country, but they didn’t leave the discipline, study finds.

There’s been a conversation about Authorea on the physics-astronomy-mathematics librarian discussion list I read. A few libraries have licensed it for their communities because it is preferred over LaTeX, especially for collaborative work. Other options include GitHub for shared LaTex projects and ShareLaTeX. This “Paper” of the Future post compares Authorea, Overleaf, ShareLaTeX, GoogleDocs, and Word. I just thought I’d pass along these links in case you are looking for tools like this. Michael Clarke in a section of this post, Ask The Chefs: What Do You See On The Horizon For Scholarly Publishing In 2016? says “2016 is shaping up to be the year of the authoring system,” so perhaps there will be more and better tools coming too. Many of these tools are mentioned in that Innovations in Scholarly Communications survey I’ve been asking you to respond to.

You may enjoy this 5-minute YouTube video: Science Stories – Unexpected “We need mathematical help to tell the difference between a real discovery and the illusion of one. Fellow of the Royal Society and future President of the Royal Statistical Society, Sir David Spiegelhalter visits Dr Nicole Janz to discuss reproducibility in scientific publications.” It ends with a plea for open data.

Posts on Scholarly Communications @ WU Libraries from January:

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