News and notes for math folks from December 2015

— Olin Library Access Services will begin Campus Box Delivery on Danforth, North, and West campuses. On January 5th, a new pickup location will be available in the WU Libraries and MOBIUS catalogs – Fac&Staff Campus Box Delivery. Of course, you may still select library pickup locations! Note: This new service is NOT available to undergraduates, graduate students, or medical campus addresses.

— Interesting style for a math dissertation which you might enjoy looking at: The equidistribution of lattice shapes of rings of integers in cubic, quartic, and quintic number fields: an artist’s rendering, by Piper Alexis Harron

Book collection essay contest, graduate students are welcome to enter! Deadline March 2

NSF Public Access Repository (NSF-PARBETA) is now available. This is functionally equivalent to NIH’s PubMed Central. NSF Public Access Frequently Asked Questions

— ScienceDirect (Elsevier) will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 8 as of 1 January 2016. Have you heard? Spread the word about upgrading your browser

— And don’t forget the posts on Scholarly Communications @ WU Libraries from December

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