News and notes for math, April 2018

Backfiles for Theory of Probability & Its Applications. More at SIAM Journals Backfiles.

I usually put selected posts about reproducibility in science on my biology blog but thought I’d include some here on math this month also. From WU Math Departments’s Todd Kuffner who says “The p-value is innocent; the problem arises from its misuse and misinterpretation.” Kuffner, T. A., & Walker, S. G. Why are p-values controversial?. The American Statistician, (accepted-online version, not yet published in a journal issue). Inferential statistics, p-values, and the quest to evaluate our hypotheses, by Valentin Amrhein on PeerJ Blog, which also says “Don’t blame the p-value.”

From Scholarly Communications @ WU Libraries April 2018:

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