News and notes for biofolk from February, 2016

Company of Biologists journals and Dryad: Manuscript submission for all COB journals is now integrated with data submission to Dryad, meaning COB authors can conveniently submit their data packages and manuscripts at the same time. More info.

Highly recommended: I’m really enjoying the Conversations in Genetics video series which is being produced by the Genetics Society of America. A couple of posts on Scholarly Kitchen blog alerted me to their existence: The Worst Week of Mary Claire-King’s Life: An Amazing Tale from an Amazing Scientist and Conversations in Genetics: An Oral History of Biology. I think graduate students and postdocs in most fields of biology would find many of them useful and inspirational.

Professors: NCBI can help you streamline your teaching and research efforts. I thought this was a nice post about many features of NCBI. I’ve written before about some key features of My NCBI [How can I link to fulltext from PubMed since I don’t see a Get It! button?], but this post highlights a few I haven’t written about, such as custom collections (for sharing with classes and other groups).

Preclinical Reproducibility and Robustness is a new F1000 Research Channel. If you fail to reproduce another scientist’s results, this journal wants to know Science, Feb. 4, 2016 DOI: 10.1126/science.aae0310

There will be another series of Research Studios in the library March 21-April 4. Lots of biofolk use R so I wanted to mention that I found the “R for Mere Mortals” (offered again on March 22) a very good introduction. This is the page from that class: Using R to analyze your data.

Posts on Scholarly Communications @ WU Libraries from February:

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